Hello and welcome to Paradise Bed! I’m Sallie Browning, and I love napping! I started ParadiseBed.com to help others get the best night’s (or afternoon’s) sleep possible.

When I started my first real job, I discovered the miracle of a normal sleep schedule. And then quickly realized I was developing back pain from the cheap mattress I bought for my apartment. The online research began.

While I liked the price and packaging of a foam mattress, so many of my friends and family loved their coil mattresses. I didn’t know where to start or what to believe.

I dove into the science side of bedding with an interest in how certain materials affect your sleep. Do you need that gel-cooling feature in your foam mattress? What keeps your spine aligned if you’re a side sleeper? Should you even use a pillow if you sleep on your back?

When friends needed a new mattress, I was quick to offer advice on the topic since I had napped on every sample mattress in the store. They soon considered me an expert in mattresses and how to get the best sleep.

But good sleep is more than just a mattress. Whether you need to keep your cell phone out of your room or consider buying blackout curtains, more quality hours of shut-eye is possible for everyone.

I know plenty of people can use what I’ve learned in their own mattress-buying decisions, and decided to build this website to spread the knowledge.

The blog is run by a team of fellow nap lovers determined to help you feel rested and face the day. We search almost every website, pull the reviews and product specs of the top-selling mattress, and compile all the details so you won’t need to waste that time when you could be sleeping.

You shouldn’t buy a cheap mattress only to sleep on your couch because it’s more comfortable. If there’s any mattress brand you want us to explore, send us a message or comment on a post.