Finding The Best 5 Futon Mattresses Of 2019

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You’re in the market for a new bed, and maybe you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with. Fortunately, the futon mattress was created: all the comfort of a traditional bed without the extra space required for a box spring, headboard, or other accompanying furniture to complete an entire bedroom set.

Where do you start looking for the best futon mattress? Right here! We’ve taken the time to rank the best 5 mattresses so you don’t have to worry about shopping around before securing a good night’s sleep.

Using A Futon

What Is A Futon Mattress?

Originally used as a traditional sleeping structure in Japan, the futon mattress began as a mattress that rested on the floor, complemented by an additional mattress underneath. Both mattresses are light enough to be folded up and put away when you are done sleeping.

Where Do I Put A Futon Mattress?

In the U.S., the concept of a futon is typically associated with a small room or a university dormitory:  a combination of a sofa and mattress that is as practical as it is comfortable in a confined area. In some cases, the mattress will fold into the couch.

Where Can I Buy A Futon Mattress?

All major mattress retailers carry mattresses for futons. These are brand names such as Serta, Sealy, DHP, and more. Along with visiting brick-and-mortar stores like WalMart or Target, where you might be able to test out the mattress yourself, you can select a mattress from major online retailers such as Amazon.

How Much Will I Pay For A Futon Mattress?

Generally, futon mattresses cost the same as a traditional bed mattress. You could start out somewhere around $75 and go as high as $700. The number will depend mainly on the size of the mattress, as a twin mattress simply doesn’t require as much material or threading as its king-sized counterpart.

If you order a futon mattress online, be sure to factor in the cost of shipping. While many online retailers will offer free shipping for such a high dollar amount, the cost of shipping a mattress, even through basic ground service, can stack up very quickly. Depending on the size, it might even end up costing more than the mattress itself!

Reviewing The Best Futon Mattress Of 2019

To find the best futon mattress of 2018, we worked tirelessly (no pun intended) and did our best to determine a few things: how well will you sleep in a specific mattress, and how much space will you save by using a futon mattress instead of a regular bed?

We also looked at different brand names to figure out who was reputable, and how their name value stacked up against potential price advantages on other lesser-known mattresses.

Product Comparison Table

Molblly 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

An amazing offer for a mattress that won’t break your back or your bank account. This mattress contains two layers of foam, along with cotton fiber padding that gives you the type of support necessary for a night of rest and recovery.

Although you might expect this from a more expensive unit, the Molblly 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress  brings a reliable and trustworthy name to a price that is very friendly to your wallet.

This mattress looks as good as it feels, due in no small part to the construction on the outside. You’ll notice the craftsmanship that went into the Sycamore, and all of the material is produced in the United States.  

If we had to nitpick, the foam definitely has a bit of an odor to it once you first open it up. That’s a small drawback for something as valuable as this mattress, and after a few cycles of clean sheets, you’ll forget that this was even an issue to begin with.

Between the professional look of the mattress and the comfort level, it’s tough to pass up the chance to go with such an amazing choice at a relatively low price. Huge recommendation on this one!

DHP Aiden Metal Futon Frame

Along with Serta, DHP is another go-to name brand when you think of the most peaceful sleep, waking up as if you were never tired at all. This DHP mattress comes equipped with 15-gauge encased coils, ensuring a stable mattress that isn’t too cushy but also doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on a slab in a castle.

The mattress is completely free of flame retardants, ozone depleters, and all types of heavy metals that could potentially cause harm to both you and the environment. This mattress will fit into any full-sized futon frame that you want to pair the mattress with. Even if you plan to skip the couch and just use the mattress by itself, you’ll be sure to earn a good night’s rest on this one!

There is a total of 522 encased coils, so there are no dead spots and you won’t wake up with a sore shoulder or neck because you rolled on top of the one bad area on a mattress. The cover, made of microfiber, is incredibly soft, and will make you feel like you just pulled the entire mattress out of a laundry load with fabric softener.

You won’t have to worry about this mattress sagging, as the coils keep it boosted throughout the guaranteed lifespan of the mattress. If you’re concerned about matching the mattress with your furniture’s color scheme, don’t worry! The DHP mattress comes in six different colors, perfect for completing your bedroom set or simply pleasing your own eye.

Two things to keep in mind before purchasing this one: like the Serta mattress, this one has a bit of an odor once you first start using it, but that should go away after a week or so. When you fold up the mattress to put away for the day or an extended period, you’re going to have a tough time trying to keep the upper layer folded. It isn’t a deal breaker, but something you’ll need to consider when storing the DHP mattress.

EMOOR Classe Futon Mattress

Closer to its Japanese ancestors than the D&D model, the EMOOR futon mattress is not made of polyester on the outside, but 100% cotton, giving it an unbelievable softness when you fall asleep. You can pick up this mattress in three different sizes: queen, full, and twin.

Retailing at around $200, this mattress hovers on the higher end of mattress prices on this list, but it’s worth it. While the mattress isn’t that thick, it has a density that ignores the fact that you are sleeping on the floor. Sleeping in this bed gives you the sensation that you are royalty, with a firm setting that doesn’t take any adjustments when setting the mattress on the ground. Yes, the firm feeling might be a little off-putting for some, but if you enjoy a solid mattress that doesn’t sink under your body’s weight, you will love the EMOOR!

This traditional mattress is manufactured in Japan for an authentic feel. It’s extremely easy to fold and it will stay that way, never springing to life when you least expect it.  You will need to remember the firm feeling if you prefer a softer mattress, and even with a few inches between you and the floor, this might not be enough to give you the comfort you need.

EMOOR Original, Japanese Tri-Fold Futon Mattress

If you know for sure that you would prefer a futon that doubles as a couch, the Home Life option might be your best bet. The 15-gauge coils give you the support you need whether you are sleeping or sitting upright. Layers of both foam and polyester encase the coils, ensuring that you have the best support possible for however you plan to use the EMOOR Original.

The mattress itself comes in a variety of colors to pair with the furniture in whichever room you choose. You’ll want to know that the arms and frame for this mattress, typically seen in the same pictures, are sold separately and could add to the cost of shipping if you aren’t getting this from a physical storefront.

Due to its thickness, this futon can be a chore to fold up. It’s not impossible, but it’s also not the most readily portable mattress on the list. For the price, it’s a fine example of a futon that is primarily going to be used as a couch and can be flipped to convert for sleeping.

Choosing The Best Futon Mattress Of 2019







Bed Mattress   

DHP 8-Inch  


Futon Fold-Up

EMOOR Classe



EMOOR Original


 Traditional Futon

Home Life



Now that we’ve looked at five of the best futon mattresses in this article, it’s time to choose the correct one for you. This is highly dependent on your personal preferences in a bed.

If you’re going for the all-around comfortable experience that you usually think about when associating the idea of sleep with a specific mattress, we think the Serta Sycamore is your best option. The amount of support and comfort in the mattress is undeniable and blows the rest of the mattresses in our comparison list out of the water.

The Serta Sycamore doesn’t “feel” like a futon, or something that was created with practicality and transport in mind. Lying down on the Sycamore gives you the sensation that you’re in a larger hotel and your sleeping quarters is being personally tended to by a staff.

Black and gray blanket on mattress

Image source: ​Pexels​​​

If your futon mattress purchase is going to be for a guest or someone who doesn’t stay with you all the time, you might have a guest room or living area set up for them to sleep with what little extra space you have. If this is your concern, we think the D&D Shikibuton is your perfect choice. It’s extremely portable and can be folded up in an instant, ideal for that unexpected guest who makes a sudden appearance.

The great thing about the Shikibuton is that it was built for this kind of occasion and fits easily into a closet. If you want a similar model but with a little more depth, the EMOOR will be great for your guests who need more support than a carpet wedged underneath the mattress. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes a firm mattress, you might end up stealing the EMOOR for yourself!

Sweet Dreams

We hope you’ve found your own best futon mattress of 2018 in one of the choices given to you on this list. You can determine which one best suits your needs, from the need for a perfect couch/bed hybrid to the ease of storing a futon when it isn’t in use. Once you make the choice, look forward to a great sleep for you or your houseguests!


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