Casper Mattress Topper Reviewed And Compared

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Casper Mattress Topper Review

There are many different factors that go into purchasing a mattress, and it all depends on how you want to sleep. Many companies have sprung up in the last couple of years advertising a wide range of mattresses and other bedding products that seem to have all the right features, but how are you supposed to know if that’s the right mattress for you?

Who is Casper Sleep?

Casper Sleep is a private e-commerce mattress company that was founded in 2014. They are one of many “bed-in-a-box” mattress firms that operate their businesses almost completely online. These mattresses are bought and sold online, and the mattress is then mailed to the consumer directly. Very rarely can you find those types of products in brick-and-mortar retailers.

Casper has 10 privately-owned retailers across the United States where you can find their products on display, but the majority of their sales come from their online store, with a few listings on Amazon. Just recently they partnered with Target to sell their products in stores nationwide.

What Makes a Casper Mattress Unique?

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While this review centers around their mattress topper, we thought it would be important that you learned about the construction of their flagship mattress, as well. The same high quality construction that goes into their mattresses also goes into the Casper mattress topper. Casper Mattress produces a variety of beds that are made completely of foam. This is fairly common in the bed-in-a-box industry, as it makes it easier to transport. Their all-foam beds are some of the most comfortable beds in the industry.

Unique Construction

Casper mattresses

Casper mattresses are all-foam mattresses have four layers to them. The first layer is about an inch and a half of comfort foam that is breathable so the surface doesn’t overheat. The second layer is also 1-1/2 inches and is made of high-density memory foam that helps isolate motion and provides some pressure relief. Putting the second layer done a bit from the surface of the bed helps alleviate the problems associated with too much trapped heat.

The third layer is 1-1/2 inches of a transition layer that is firmer near the center of the bed when your hips would be and softer near the edges. This difference in firmness helps align your spine and keep your sleep pain free. The fourth layer is 5 inches of dense foam that creates the foundation of the mattress.

The mattress topper is made of many of the same materials that make up Casper’s beds. The memory-gel foam is a dual layer foam layer that feels great to sleep on. It’s so comfortable that you can use the topper as a sleeping mat for guests who stay at your home or while you’re out camping. It’ll keep you cool and give you the great night’s sleep that you’re looking for.

How Does it Feel?

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The great thing about this bed is that it’s truly been created to accommodate each type of sleeper, whether you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or a combination of the three. Memory foam mattresses tend to sink in too much, and you don’t get the sort of firmness that you’re used to with innerspring mattresses. Casper’s construction is meant to combat that feeling.

If you primarily sleep on your side, then the usual feeling of pressure on the hips and shoulders that you get with innerspring mattresses isn’t present with memory foam. You’ll feel supported without sinking too far into the bed.

If you sleep on your stomach, you can expect to get the right amount of firmness that you need to sleep comfortably, rather than sinking in too far at the hips and getting a backache as a result.

Finally, back sleepers can expect to not sink too much into the memory foam, giving them the needed support to sleep comfortably and still keep their spine aligned all through the night.

What About the Mattress Topper?

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Casper uses the same materials to create their memory foam mattress topper, so while you may not get the multi-layer level of firmness and comfortability that the full mattress provides, you’ll still get the support and comfort that you can expect from the rest of their product line. It has a dual-layer foam design that is perfect for improving your sleep on dorm mattresses.


Casper mattress has three different of mattresses that you can choose from, each with a price that won’t necessarily break the bank. Like most bed-in-the-box companies, Casper offers a 100-day, no-fee, 100% money back guarantee, which allows you to try the mattress for a couple of months to determine whether it’s the right fit or not.

Many retailers don’t offer this sort of guarantee and expect you to make a decision after spending a few minutes laying on their models in-store. The money-back guarantee means that you’ll be able to really test out the product to see if it works for you.

The mattress topper itself is modestly priced at $195 and is sold exclusively in Target stores. Many memory foam toppers can run you more than $500 dollars, so this one is perfect for the shopper on a budget.

Casper often has sales and offers discounts when you buy directly through their website, so you’re likely to never pay full price for any of their products.

How Does it Compare?


Compared to other bed-in-a-box brands, Casper mattress has created a mattress topper and bed that is truly something that stands out. While most memory foam mattress toppers are pretty terrible at keeping you from overheating while you’re sleeping, and some don’t have the support that you’re looking for when you’re laying in bed.

This mattress topper is created with memory-gel foam that is breathable and wicks away heat as you sleep. That way you don’t wake up in a pool of your own sweat, wishing you bought something different. The unique memory foam construction also ensures that you’re getting the support you need, regardless of your sleep position. This is a win in our book.

The mattress itself is also a better choice in comparison to similar mattresses, because its design features many of the same features as the topper. It keeps you cool while you sleep and gives you the support you need to prevent you from waking up in pain the next morning.

Public Perception

type of sleeper who moves around a lot

If you’re the type of sleeper who moves around a lot, this mattress topper is a great choice. Many reviewers who called themselves “combination sleepers” found that the foam responded quickly to their movements and were comfortable regardless of sleeping position.

Many reviews also commented on how breathable the topper was. Hot sleepers rejoiced in the reviews because they were able to sleep without feeling too overwhelmed by heat retention like they had on other memory foam mattresses.

The specific foam construction also gave consumers who needed more back support the right amount all the way through the night. Casper mattress toppers are a great addition to your innerspring mattress to give you the comfort of memory foam without buying an entirely new bed.

What Do We Think?

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This mattress topper is a great choice if you’re looking for better sleep or want to make your dorm bed more comfortable when you go back to school. It is made from the same materials that their mattresses are made of, and it can make all the difference in improving your sleep.

One thing we will say, however, is that Target only sells the Casper Layer mattress topper in two sizes: Twin and Twin XL, which are great if you’re sleeping on a twin bed or in a dorm room but won’t help if you have a larger bed. You can certainly buy multiple mattress toppers to fit your larger bed at home, but if you’re in the market for a memory foam topper for your queen-sized bed, you might want to look somewhere else.

The other option is buy a completely new mattress, which might not be a bad idea if you’re looking to upgrade to something more comfortable. Casper has plenty of mattresses that can meet your needs.

A Great Mattress Topper, and an Even Better Bed

Casper is known in the mattress industry for creating comfortable beds that can be shipped to you directly to your home. If you’re just looking for an added layer of comfort to your existing mattress, then the Casper mattress topper is a great choice for you. You can find twin and twin XL toppers at your local Target, and you’ll still get the great money-back guarantee that comes with their other products. If that isn’t something you want and you’d rather get another bed, then Casper is great for that too.


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