Coleman Queen Air Mattress Review: Thing To Consider

coleman queen air mattress

If you travel frequently or often have guests over, you should try out the Coleman Support Rest Mattress. This Coleman Support features reinforced construction, giving you more stability when sleeping, plus the 20-inch thickness means it is really very to get in and out.

We had the twin size model, so we got it aired-up and took a closer look. The air pump is located at the foot of the mattress, and while it doesn't have storage for a cord, the cord itself is longer, which is quite convenient.

Getting Up to Speed

It takes just three minutes to air-up the twin-size model. The motor is kind of loud but it really doesn't last very long. Coleman makes the official airbeds for the National Park Foundation - the brand is highly coveted and reputable.

Now we know from past experience of Coleman products that their customer service is responsive and helpful should you need assistance during the course of your ownership. However, since airbeds are intended for temporary use, you don't want to use your Support Rest Mattress daily.

Comfort Is of Utmost Importance

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However, for sleep solution for temporary use, we do think Coleman came up with a good solution in their construction, considering the low cost of this model. When you get to grips with the Coleman Queen air mattress, you can see how the mattress is reinforced and you can really tell how this works to add support. We personally enjoyed the feel of the soft plush top.

The velvet-like properties do go a long way in terms of comfort. It’s also capable of holding up to 600 pounds, which we found pretty impressive for a twin-size model.

We all agree the Coleman is a brilliant temporary solution for sleeping for anyone that is on the weightier side of things. A lot of us here prefer to use airbeds with a fitted sheet. And even though it's 20 inches thick, we were still able to get by with a standard sheet.

The indentations at the sides help prevent it from slipping off, although perhaps you’ll go for an oversized sheet in the case you want a more secure fit.

Some Things to Consider

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Now, although its possible you may encounter some leakage after inflating the Coleman Queen air mattress, this is completely normal - it's caused by the airbed stretching, which occurs during inflation. We’ve tested out the Coleman's Support Rest for a few nights now and have to air it up during the night to maintain firmness.

Easy Storage for Sleepers

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Once you've finished using the Coleman Queen air mattress, you can deflate it in a matter of minutes. You simply have to turn it on counter-clockwise and open the air valve until it is at least flat on the floor. The Coleman’s air valve comes dual sealed, making it leak-free.

The Coleman comes with a bag useful for storing the mattress during transport. It's lightweight, as well as a cinch to store away, or carry with you on your next outing. Overall, we've had a very positive experience with the Coleman Support Rest Air Bed. The anti-microbial-treated surface resists mildew, fungus and odor, meaning it is ideal for camping. We think the air-tight system was very efficient at assisting the mattress to hold air during the night – there is the chance, however, that you’ll have to top it up during an overnight session.

While it is factory tested to make it leak-free, this won't stop the leakage that happens naturally because of stretching when you inflate the product. You are however entitled to one-year of limited warranty - we also think that you’ll quite enjoy the Coleman Queen air mattress’s plush top.

How to Pick the Correct Air Mattress

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Whether you're camping in the back country or hosting guests at home, choosing the right air mattress can be the key to a sound night's sleep. But don't stress, this is not something too difficult to accomplish.

There are several types of air mattresses available. Choose the one that's right for you, depending on where you'll be using it and the features you need.

Air Pump Mattresses

One for More Comfort

Something for The Outdoors

Size Matters

Some Other Things to Think About

How To Get Your Mattress Up In No Time At All

pumping an air mattress or airbed

Since we’re talking about airbeds, we thought we’d show you a simple way to blow up your airbed if you haven't got a pump - and it doesn't leave you out of breath!

Start by laying your airbed out flat and open up the valve. Many have a one-way valve, so you can leave it open while you inflate it.

Next, you should take a large bin bag and fill it full of air. You then need to create a small opening in the top - put it over the nozzle on the bed and squeeze out all of the air from the bag and into the bed.

Keep repeating the process and you'll soon see it starts to inflate. You should see a difference every time you squeeze a bag in. This is a really cool technique to cut down on time.

And if you can find a bigger bag, you'll inflate it even faster. When you're done, close the valve. And there you have it – a fully inflated air bed. Talk about easy!

Making Light Work of a Damaged Airbed

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A question some of you may be asking is what do you do when your air mattress springs a leak? What exactly do you use to fix this?

In our case, we had an Intex blow up bed, which we got at Wal-Mart. They're actually really comfortable, but you can't sleep on them on a permanent basis.

They just bend out of shape and eventually, they will leak. So usually when you get a leak, it's right there at the edges and just like we predicted, we found a tiny leak happening.

So how do we get around this? This is what you have to do.

Firstly, you should take an indelible marker – this is a pretty vital first step, because when you deflate it, you're not going to be able to find where the leak is.

While it's leaking, you're blowing it up all the way, and can see where the air is spilling out. You can also usually hear the sound.

If you can't find it, you can put soap or water in certain areas – for example, we would just put a little soap and water on each one until we could see bubbles. So, when we found the leak, we took a marker and double marked and put it around there. Well, guess what happened?

The only thing you need to resolve this problem is crazy glue for a small tiny little pinhole. Like most cases, we had a pinhole leak. Crazy glue is actually a great remedy for this.

We wouldn’t really recommend superglue, as we think superglue cracks a little bit, at least from our experience. But with crazy glue, we just had to dab on the hole while the mattress was deflated. And that's all you have to do.

You leave a mark with the marker there, and then when it deflates, you just soak the crazy glue in there – you should find that it hardens really well.

So, keeping it simple, that's how you fix an air mattress when it springs a leak. However, they usually come with a patch kit, in particular with round shape patches. The first one we did hold up really well, and that was about a year ago.

It’s important to remember that the likes of getting holes in some airbeds is inevitable. There are plenty that ended up leaking leak at the seams or somewhere else (especially with overuse).

Like we said, the simple solution is to put crazy glue on both sides. You put it on the patch included, and you put it on the hole around the mattress itself.

It really does work and it helps if you have a patch kit, also. But we just wanted to make sure you know it's important to use that indelible marker or just any kind of marker to pinpoint where the hole is and then fill it back up. Voila! A job well done.

The Coleman Queen Air Mattress

The Coleman Queen Air Mattress is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a reliable air mattress that is going to provide convenience and comfort. The build and quality of this mattress is simply splendid and should provide countless nights of sleeping from purchase. And if it’s not your thing, take our notes and find something that is more to your liking!

Coleman Queen Double-High Airbed with 120 Volt Pump
  • Double-high queen-sized bed measures 78"x60"x17" when inflated
  • Inflates in less than 3 minutes with the included electric QuickPump
  • Soft suede top for luxurious comfort
  • Wrap 'N' Roll system for hassle-free storage
  • Fits deep-pocket queen sheets


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