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kilim pillows

You would be hard pressed to find a trendy café or beer garden without some unique kilim accents. As a matter of fact, it’s even difficult to find a truly welcoming home without some touch of kilim segments. Kilim pillows in particular are having a moment, as they add color and authenticity to any public space or private abode. Although some may believe these pillows are a passing trend, I believe their accessibility and uniqueness mean these cute pieces will be part of the popular trend for a long while.

What Is a Kilim Pillow?

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Kilim is a textile used to make pillows, blankets, and other home accessories. The word Kilim originated in Turkey, and has come to mean a textile produced by a flatweaving technique that is practiced in countries including Turkey, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, and Iran, among others. The techniques used in these countries result in material made by weaving the colors together, rather than pressing the different colored strands together using knots, as is typically done with pillows and rugs made from carpet.

a large killim pillow


What Makes Kilim Pillows Unique?

The distinctly colorful designs on kilim pillows are a result of the flatweaving technique used on the loom. When making kilims, the weavers leave slits between the two colors they are using. They then cover up these slits using a diagonal pattern so as not to weaken the structure of the rug.

The diagonal pattern is aesthetically appealing because it gives the pillows a vivid geometrical look. This pattern is incredibly popular in interior design today, because it catches the eye without being too loud or gaudy. It is still easy to absorb the authenticity of a kilim pillow, even while admiring its boldness. Not every kilim design is geometrical, but these do seem to be the most popular, probably because pillows and rugs made using other methods do not showcase the patterns nearly as neatly and precisely.

Customers appreciate the uniqueness of kilim pillows because it gives the decorative pieces a vintage feel, even if they are contemporary. Many people strive to add a vintage or traditional touch to their otherwise modern homes, while others stick to an all-traditional presentation. The appeal of kilim pillows is that they fit seamlessly into any kind of décor, regardless of the modernity or old-fashioned feel.

What is Kilim Made Of?

Now that we know a little about what kilim looks like and how it is made, you may be wondering exactly what material the weavers use to carefully make these beautiful designs. Most kilim is made mostly (or often completely) of wool. Wool is the best material to use for kilim for a few different reasons. First, wool is strong and long-lasting. This ensures the durable quality of pillows made from the material. It is also important that the material be strong because of the delicate process used in weaving together the different swatches and colors.

kilim pillows pattern and texture

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Wool is also the best choice for making kilim because of the length of the fibers. As we know, wool is made using fleece from sheep. Sheep bred domestically tend to have the longest and strongest fleece, which then leads to the best wool for making kilim. The better the quality of the wool, the better the quality of the kilim. Before using the wool to make the kilim, the material is typically dyed using vegetable dye, making the process safe and simple and resulting in vibrant colors.

Of course, not all kilim is made using only wool. It is the most popular material, but with the incredible diversity of all products made from kilim, they couldn’t all be made from only one source of material. Many weavers use cotton or animal hair interwoven into their designs. Cotton is used only in small areas of the kilim, typically to highlight the designs of the wool by providing fine details in its contrasting white color. Animal hair, such as that from a camel or a horse, adds some softness and shine to many kilim pillows. Along with the beautiful woolen colors covering the majority of the pillow, the horse or camel hair adds that sought-after luster that helps catch the eye.

Not all kilim pillows are bright and vibrant. Many of are also made in muted colors. The beauty of kilim pillows is that there is such a wide variety available, that the buyer can find something uniquely suited to his or her taste. If loud patterns are not your thing, you will definitely be able to find these pillows in more earthy tones, or even in pastel colors. There is a kilim pillow out there for everyone, from diagonal brown and orange stripes to pink circles and swirls.

Kilim Pillows Pricing

Since kilim pillows come in many different sizes and sets, the pricing of these pieces will differ significantly. It really depends on what kind of pillow you are looking for. Many customers are seeking two identical pillows to place on either side of their couch, bed, loveseat, or window seat. These small square pillows (about 20x20 inches) that come in a set of two usually range somewhere from $60 to $80, with the pattern printed directly on the pillow. Some art shops also sell kilim covers that would be put on to plain pillows, but these are harder to find when looking for the square shape that most people choose to use on their living room or bedroom furniture.

kilim pillow texture design

Kilim pillows are also very popular in a long and short shape, usually about 16x48 inches. These pillows may be used for decoration as well as lumbar support. Again, prices will vary depending on the vendor and quality of the pillow. From a popular chain department store, these pillows will run anywhere from about $25 to $60, but on craft sites and independent vendors they will run closer to the less expensive $10-$40.

There is a huge and overwhelming amount of kilim pillow selections online and in stores, so it may seem daunting to begin researching all the prices. Really, it is all up to the buyer. Since these pillows are so popular and trendy, they are easily found in almost any home design or department store. You do not need to settle for the first price you see, because chances are you will be able to find a pillow of the same quality being sold for less. Although, you may find you would rather pay more for a specific design rather than keep looking and not be satisfied with your ultimate aesthetic.

a pillow kilim in bed

For me, I would rather pay the higher price knowing I will have pillows of high quality. I do tend to purchase based on aesthetic look most of the time, but it is also important that the pillows be well-made structurally. This will not come into play if you are simply buying pillow covers, but I do prefer to buy the actual pillow already made and presented with the kilim material.

Once again, purchasing a kilim pillow is all about your personal preference. You may not want to spend a ton of money because you know you will see something else eye catching to add to your décor, or perhaps you want these kilim pillows to be the highlight of your living room and are willing to spend a pretty penny on them. Lucky for you, the price range is vast, and there will be something that can fit in anyone’s budget.

Other Kilim Pillow Reviews

Knowing that kilim pillows are so trendy right now, of course many people have already posted their personal opinions of these accents. These reviews paint a picture of a satisfied public perception. Most people seem pleased with their purchases, for many different reasons. I looked online to find out how verified and trusted customers felt about their kilim pillows after purchase. After doing some research, I was able to find a few reviews that seem to speak for the majority of consumers.

kilim pillows in cafe

Customers buying from online sites specializing in kilim pillows seem very satisfied with their purchases. Almost everyone rated their experience as 5 out of 5 stars, saying they would be sure to come back and purchase more kilim pillows in the future. They appreciated the color selection, which helped them find pillows that matched their specific décor. One customer even mentioned that she found a kilim pillow to perfectly complement the artwork she already had displayed in her living room.

This testimonial inspired me to want to bring together the colors in my own home. And I know I have a ton of options out there to make this happen, even on a budget. The reviews I read will surely help me in my own shopping experience. I try not to buy anything without looking at the reviews first, so I know how important it is to be truthful and up-front about my purchasing experience, just as these shoppers were. They were happy with the price of their pillows, the quality of the pieces, and the service of the site selling the kilim pillows.

I did find a few reviews with small complaints, however. When some of the pillows arrived, the buyers noted that the colors were not exactly as they had appeared online. The colors seemed lighter on the website, and in person were slightly darker. I know this has happened to me when purchasing clothes online before, so it is something I do not get upset about. It is to be expected that color will show up differently on a bright computer or cell phone screen, and these colors will probably not be as bright in person. The color discrepancy was not too drastic apparently, because the customer still stated she was very pleased with her purchase.

The only other “complaint” that I found was that the pillows didn’t come in bigger sizes. The reason I hesitate to even call this a complaint is because the customer mentioned several times how much she loved the pillows, and simply wished for larger sizes so she could buy even more! She had already bought six of the pillows, so I think it is safe to say she would have bought more in larger sizes if they were available. I agree that larger pillows would be great for bigger spaces such as sectional couches and king-sized beds, but knowing the extensive weaving process, these pillows would have to be significantly more expensive to make up for the added labor.

What We Think About Kilim Pillows

As lovers of both comfort and beauty, it is important to us that we assess both of these elements in a product like the kilim pillow. Knowing that these pillows come in so many different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors allows us the comfort of knowing there is certainly a kilim pillow out there for everyone. We do not want to endorse a specific kind for everyone, because we know one particular pillow will not meet all consumers’ needs.

kilim pillows at home

However, it is safe to say that there will be a kilim pillow available on the market for someone looking to add some color and style to their home, or even to start a conversation with guests who come over and notice the vintage touch you have artfully added. If you are looking to impress your friends with your knowledge of current trends, we hope this article has been a helpful start.

Now you know that we think kilim pillows are worth the hype, and they are a purchase you surely will not regret. In fact, after you buy a set, you’re almost certain to want to buy more for the other rooms in your house! These products are unique enough that even if everyone has one in their house, you will still not feel as though you have seen them all. 


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