Lazy Boy Sleeper Sofa Review

Lazy Boy Sleeper Sofa

If you live in a small house or apartment, it can be hard finding a place for guests to stay. Often there’s no room for a separate bed, meaning you’ll have to banish your guests to the sofa. Luckily, there’s a solution to this common problem: a sleeper sofa. Sleeper sofas are half couch, half bed, making them the perfect solution for guest visits.

In this post, we will be taking a look at Lazy Boy sleeper sofas. Lazy Boy is a company that is well known for their high quality furnishing, especially when it comes to recliners and sofas. Read on for a brief overview of the Lazy Boy brand and in-depth reviews of their entire line of sleeper sofas.

What is a Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas are a sofa or couch with a fold-up bed hidden inside. Sofa beds can be transformed from a regular couch to a full-sized bed in as little as under a minute. Sleeper sofas have a thin mattress that can be folded in half, and are typically made of memory foam or spring coils.  Sofa sleepers are a great way to save on space in a tiny apartment, or can be used to quickly turn the living room into a guest room.

A Brief Introduction to Lazy Boy Furniture

Lazy Boy, often stylized as La-Z-Boy, is a company that strives to create some of the most comfortable home furniture pieces. Lazy Boy first became popular in 1928, when they introduced the world’s first recliner chair. Throughout the years, they continued to broaden their product line to include a wide range of stationary furniture including chairs, sofas, sectionals, and more.

What Makes Lazy Boy Stand Out


Quality Commitment

Customizable Furniture Covers

How to Set Up a Lazy Boy Sleeper Sofa

Setting up a Lazy Boy sleeper sofa is a relatively straightforward process, and can be completed in less than a minute.

Step 1:

Start by removing all of the loose cushions on the sleeper sofa, placing them off to the side or in storage. If a cushion is attached to the sofa, do not pull on it to try and get it loose. This could cause irreplaceable damage that will not be covered by the warranty.

Step 2:

Look to the center of the deck for a metal handle, which can be used to pull the mattress from under the couch. Lift the handle in an upward direction before pulling it out towards you.

Step 3:

Extend the sleeper mechanism back until it drops to the first position. You will know that it has reached the position when the center support legs of the mechanism are securely on the floor.

Step 4:

Reach over the center of the sleeping mechanism to grab the front legs and pull them until they are stand up. Then, finish pulling the rest of the sleeper mechanism until it is down on the floor completely.

Step 5:

Adjust the mattress so it is sitting on the sleeper mechanism properly. Once you’ve checked to make sure it is in the right position, press down on the sleeper mechanism to ensure it is firmly rooted to the ground.

Step 6:

Fit the Lazy Boy sleeper sofa mattress with bed linens and pillows. Feel free to place the seat cushions at the end of the mattress to act as a makeshift cushioned headboard.

Our Reviews of the Best Lazy Boy Sleeper Sofas

The Leah Premier Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa has a sleek profile that will fit nicely in a smaller room. This sleep sofa is one of Lazy Boy’s most popular sleeper sofas, due to its petite size and simple design. It has a curved design, giving off a softer look for a homier décor. There is a large seating area with plush cushions that can fit up to three people at a time. You can customize the trim with a contrasting welt fabric from your choice of 91 different colors. It also comes with two matching pillows, which can be arranged to your personal preference. The Leah Premier Supreme Comfort sofa comes standard with a Supreme Comfort mattress, though you can replace it with either a memory foam or SlumberAir mattress. The mechanism works well, and we found that the bed feels very secure on the metal frame.

The Amy Premier Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa has a soft, welcoming look that perfectly compliments a comfortable living space. It has a contemporary design with rounded seat cushions and square seat backs for a classic look. This sleeper sofa stands on tapered wooden legs, with a standard Brown Mahogany finish. You can customize these legs with an additional three finish options: Graphite, Coffee, and Driftwood.The sleeping mechanism is masterfully hidden underneath the cushions, and can be easily deployed in less than a minute. The standard Supreme Mattress is comfortable, but can be swapped for the air or memory foam options for an additional price.

With an attractive and sleek design, the Dixie Premiere Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa is a great pick for a modern home. It has a roomy three-seat frame with a single plush pillow backing with elegant tufting along the middle. The arms are angled out slightly to fit the sofas tight silhouette. There is the option for a contrasting welt trim, with 79 custom colors to choose from.As with the other Lazy Boy sleep sofas, the Dixie Premiere Supreme Comfort sleep sofa comes with a coiled mattress that can be swapped out for a more comfortable option. The sleeper mechanism pulls out easily, and feels secure on the floor.

The classical, clean style of the Kennedy Premiere Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa makes it a great choice for the family home. This sleeper sofa has a square design that will fit well in a smaller space, with enough room to fit three people at a time. Similar to the other Lazy Boy sofa sleepers, the Kennedy Premiere Supreme Comfort is also available in various colors, patterns, and fabric.The included innerspring coil mattress will give you a comfortable night’s rest, though other comfort options are available. All of the functions on this sleeper sofa work flawlessly, so you can have guests over just as soon as you get this sofa installed.  

The Amanda Premier Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa mixes classic and contemporary design elements for an attractive living room piece. The loose box-border cushions have enough space for three people to sit comfortably. The backrest on the Amanda Premier Supreme is sewed down to create a more sleek profile, though that doesn’t mean it suffers in comfort.When it’s time to go to sleep, the Amanda Premier Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa easily converts into a queen-sized bed. Like the other Lazy Boy sleeper sofas, you have the option of replacing the standard coil mattress with the memory foam or air mattress for an additional cost.

There’s something so welcoming about the Madeline Premiere Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa that it makes you want to lounge on it all day. It has a classic 1950s appeal with the rolled arms, overstuffed cushions and a tapered back cushion. These vintage design elements make the Madeline Premiere Supreme Comfort sleep sofa a perfect match for your themed living room.This sofa sleeper is constructed with some of the highest quality materials available, making it one of the most durable and comfortable Lazy Boy sleeper sofas. The pull out sleep mechanism is easy to maneuver, and opens up to a queen sized mattress of your choice.

The Mackenzie Premiere Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa is the highest quality furniture that Lazy Boy provides. With almost 900 fabric options to choose from, you can make this sleeper sofa your own personal oasis at home. The luxury design of the Mackenzie features three box seat cushions, paired with a three-section cushion backing for extra support. The rounded arms are padded in a super soft material, so you can sit back and relax.The coziness of the Mackenzie Premier Supreme Comfort sleep sofa is only enhanced when you utilize the queen-sized mattress. The fold-up sleep mechanism is highly durable, and many customers say they’ve been using their Mackenzie sleep sofa for over 10 years.

Just because the Natalie Premiere Supreme Comfort Queen Sleep Sofa is the last item our list of reviews doesn’t mean that it’s not a fantastic piece of furniture. The unique one-armed design of this sleeper sofa makes it great for tight spaces, and it can easily be set against a wall to save space. You can choose to have the arm on either the left or right side, depending on the parameters of your space.Just like all of the sleeper sofas we mentioned before, the Natalie Premiere Supreme Comfort sleep sofa comes with a thin innerspring mattress that will provide an adequate night’s sleep. If you think the pull out bed will get more use, we recommend upgrading the standard mattress to the air or memory foam options.

Our Final Thoughts on Lazy Boy Sleeper Sofas

Lazy Boy has been at the head of the comfort furniture industry for years, and their sleeper sofas are a fine representation of their commitment to quality. Lazy Boy sleep sofas are the perfect combination of style and comfort, making them the perfect piece for your living room. No matter what style of home you have, there is a Lazy Boy sleeper sofa that is right for you.


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