Lil Dicky Pillow Talk Review

Lil Dicky Pillow Talk Review

Lil Dicky (David Andrew Burd) is an American rapper and comedian known for his ability to merge comedy rap and legitimate lyricism.

He quit his job as an account manager for a local ad agency to fully focus on his career in “comedy rap”. Dicky made his debut in the mainstream rap market with an album titled “Professional Rapper“. The album shot to number one on the Top Rap Album and Top Comedy Album Billboard charts.

The Professional Rapper album introduced the world to Lil Dicky's versatile style of music. It boasted of singles such as “Save Dat Money”, which was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

“Pillow Talking”, which was released on 31st July 2015, was one of the hit singles that also featured on the album.

The song finds the Pennsylvanian native having an existential debate with a lady friend in bed. As they lie on the bed, the two talk about the military, aliens, religion, dinosaurs, and ethics.  

Lil Dicky posted a short film (11 minutes long) of the song on his YouTube channel in April 2017. The mind-blowing video uses CGI animations to cover topics that Dicky discussed on the song.

“Pillow Talking” Song Dissected

The 11-minute song showcases Dicky's unique ability to be lyrical while writing comedy. The song reflects on conversational topics that most people fear discussing.

Lil Dicky raps on a trap instrumental about how he found himself covering the topics with a girl he had just slept with. Listeners are introduced to a whole different approach to music with the track.

Pillow Talking actually covers the uneasy interaction you would have with someone you slept with, but barely know. The first one minute introduces us to Lil Dicky and the lady friend in his bedroom. The rest of the video is a deep conversation between the two about controversial issues.

It is rare to find strangers engaging in pillow talks. In the Lil Dicky Pillow Talk song, Dicky and his companion awkwardly start discussing the prowess of the military when it comes to fighting aliens. They arrive at this topic after the girl pointed out that her brother was serving in the military. Burd takes the lead role in the conversation as he asks his companion about her perspective on aliens.

Lil Dicky pillow talk features Brain – Dicky's subconscious. Brain joins the conversation when the lady starts speaking about religion. From the debate about religion, you'll notice that Brain is skeptical about the existence of a supreme being. You'll also hear discussions about the logic behind God creating dinosaurs.

As the debate on religious beliefs comes to the end, the two share a pizza and begin speaking about vegetarianism. Brain jumps into the conversation again and offers its perspectives on the issue.

When you listen from the start to the end, you'll realize that the Lil Dicky Pillow Talk song is a hilarious piece that captures awkward and bizarre conversational topics in a unique way.

Pillow Talks and Relationships

The Lil Dicky Pillow Talk jam can be used to shed light on the impact of pillow talks on relationships, whether casual or intimate. Though the rapper wasn't in a relationship with his female counterpart, he illustrated that talking in bed may actually be a fun thing to do.

Pillow talking is something you should definitely consider having with your partner. The conversations help to enhance intimacy due to the physical and emotional closeness that the partners establish as they talk.

What Topics Should be Covered During Pillow Talks?

family talks with the family

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The Lil Dicky Pillow Talk track is proof enough that couples can talk about various controversial things while lying on the bed. They can also share their feelings and settle relationship disputes.

For instance, women like to be told that they are intelligent and beautiful, while men like hearing that they are competent. The discussions should aim at increasing rapport, confidence, and intimacy in the interpersonal relationship the couples have.

As you strive to look for more topics during pillow talks, try not to say negative things. Take Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talk as an example. Though they agreed and disagreed on certain things, they maintained a positive atmosphere all through the discussions.

Next time you are in bed with your partner, spare some time to have some pillow talk. You’ll be surprised to find out that you hardly know “the love of your life”.

And what is a pillow talk without a comfortable mattress and pillows?

Why You Need a High-Quality Mattress and Pillows for Your Next Pillow Talk

High-Quality Mattress and Pillows

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Besides helping to improve intimacy in relationships, high-quality mattresses and pillows provide the much-needed comfort when sleeping. Let’s face it, it’s pretty frustrating to lie on an uncomfortable mattress or pillow.

While the discussions you hold in bed are important to your relationship, don’t forget that the quality of the mattress and pillows you are sleeping is also an important factor to consider. This means that you should invest in high-quality bedding for the ultimate comfort.

Here are some of the benefits of using top-notch pillows and mattresses for your pillow talks:

  1. Improved Posture

mom and her grand-daugter

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Most couples like to lie on their backs when having bedtime conversations. They usually find themselves switching positions as the discussions intensify.

A good mattress should allow you to freely move around the bed. It should not sink too much and be too firm. Most people prefer mattresses with medium firmness.

  2. Keeps Your Spine Aligned

Low-quality beddings can cause muscle and joint pains. In other words, a good mattress and pillow will keep your spine aligned and prevent back, neck, and muscle cramps.

You'll find it difficult to contribute productively to your pillow talks if your spine, neck, or shoulder are hurting. More reasons you need a good mattress and pillow.

  3. Temperature Regulation

When you and your partner are close to each other pillow talking, your conversations can be interrupted by the sudden increase in temperature levels especially if you are using low-quality pillows and mattress.

A good mattress and pillow should be well-aerated and designed to regulate your body temperatures throughout the night.

  4. Saves Money and Time

Sleeping women

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Quality pillows and mattresses are built to last. They should accommodate the weights and shapes of different people without wearing out.

Buying durable, high-quality mattress will eliminate the need for purchasing new pillows and mattresses frequently, hence, saving costs.

  5. Mitigates Dust Mites

Dust mites are pretty much everywhere. But they mostly strive in our bedrooms, especially in our beds. Even though they are considered harmless, they are known to cause indoor allergies.

Innerspring mattresses usually come with large open spaces inside and fluffy fiber padding that encourage harboring of dust mites. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses have a dense structure that discourages dust mites.

Regular cleaning of beddings and vacuuming can help mitigate dust mites in your bed.

  6. Hypo-Allergenic Features

Memory foam mattresses are best-suited for people with allergies. Much as its dense structure effectively repels mites, this type of mattress limits other common allergens like pet dander and mold from thriving in your bed.

The materials used to make the memory foam mattresses are usually hypoallergenic. This means that they are safe to use by people with feather, wool, and other fiber allergies.

Moreover, some mattresses come with a pungent off-gassing smell which bothers people who are sensitive to concentrated chemical smells.

Is Your Mattress Giving You Sleepless Nights?

Check your mattress to see if it’s in good condition. Your mattress will not be efficient if it has been in use for more than 10 years.  

When it comes to durability, spring-loaded mattresses tend to be more ineffective than memory foam mattresses. Foam mattresses are designed to accommodate thousands of air bubbles that help to adjust your body's temperature. This is why you'll feel more comfortable lying or moving around on a foam mattress.

To test the comfort of a mattress, try lying on the bed on your back. If your body feels like a wooden board, then the mattress is firm and not recommended. A firm mattress does not support the whole body properly.

If the mattress feels like a hammock, it means that it’s too soft. This types of mattress are also not recommended. It leaves your hips and shoulders unsupported, and your spine sunken.

If your mattress is too firm or too soft, you are likely to experience interrupted sleep and discomfort. Consider getting a new one.

Checklist for Buying a New Mattress or Pillow

Buying a new mattress and pillow can be a daunting endeavor.

Apart from the price, you also need to look into factors such as your sleep positions and types of materials used. To get the best mattress for you, here are some buying guide tips.

1. Learn the Basic Rule

Sleeping in the mattress

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You won't find a mattress that suits you if you don't accept the fact that there's no perfect mattress for everyone.

Consumers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to shopping for things as personal as pillows and mattresses. Don't be swayed by the trendy packaging or attractive price tags. Keep an open mind to find what best suits your sleeping needs.

2. Figure Out the Type of Sleeper You Are

Lil Dicky Pillow Talk Review

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You're less likely to find the specific product you're looking for if you don't know what your tastes are. The same applies when purchasing mattresses and pillows.

If you are a stomach sleeper, go for a mattress that offers your body more support. This will help alleviate lower back pains. Consequently, avoid getting extra-firm mattresses if you're a side sleeper. It will not offer adequate support to your body and, therefore, cause back pains.  

A soft and fairly flat pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers, while a medium-sized and thick pillow will suit back sleepers better. Side sleepers need a thick and firm pillow to support their neck. If you do not have a specific sleeping position, a pillow with a medium thickness will work for you.

3. Know Your Chill Factor

Chilling with her pillow beside

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Your chill factor can be defined as the likelihood of your body to get warm or cold while sleeping.

Mattresses and pillows made of memory foam, latex, and cotton are known to retain heat. So you may want to avoid them for cooler nights.

Spring-loaded mattresses are more aerated than memory foam mattresses, and therefore, better for temperature regulation.

4. Think Outside the Box

If you still can't find a good mattress or set of pillows, look for customizable options.

Most companies that offer these services will ask you to fill out a questionnaire with your exact needs and preferences. Give the details of how you want your entire mattress and/or pillow to look like. Be as precise as possible when giving out the details.

Specialty pillows are ideal for people who find standard pillows uncomfortable. Examples include oxygen pillows that help boost air circulation and absorb the heat released by your body. If you have any allergies, go for latex pillows instead of pillows made of wool, cotton, or memory foam.

5. Have a Budget

High-quality, durable mattresses and pillows are usually pricey. You, therefore, need to have a budget if you want to get the best deal.  

Look at the product options available and decide on how much you are willing to spend. Always go for quality over affordability in this regard.

The money you spend on buying the products shouldn't exceed your budget.  

Get Yourself a High-Quality Mattress and Pillow Today!

Just as the Lil Dicky Pillow Talk song suggests, lying on the bed with a loved one offers you a chance to exchange ideas and thoughts. Regardless of the topics, you'll be talking about, the mattress and pillows you are lying on should be comfortable.

Be sure to gauge the different types of mattresses and pillows available on the market against your sleeping preferences for you to make the best decisions. Keep your options open. Keep pillow talking!


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