Metro Mattress Review For Your Mattress Shopping Journey

metro mattress

Metro Mattress is a mattress store that has served upstate New York for over 40 years. The company boasts to being not only the largest mattress specialty retailer in Upstate New York but the largest specialty retailer in the history of Upstate New York.

Rebecca Shiroff is not only the face of Metro Mattress but is also the co-owner of the brand. She promises that the Metro Mattress family is out to do what is best for the consumers. They claim to use their size and prominence to negotiate the absolute lowest possible prices for their suppliers, and they also promise the lowest price guarantee that will allow them to match any lower price from their competitors.

The company also boasts that their sales associates are some of the most capable associates in the area. Many of their 120 plus Metro Mattress sales associates have allegedly been working with the company for over 20 years. Because the sales associates must go through “hundreds” of hours of intense product training, Metro Mattress is confident that they have some of the most highly trained, knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly and accommodating team in the “entire industry.”

Metro Mattress Offers A Sleep Quiz

While Metro Mattress does have a traditional brick and mortar stores, they also have a website that many choose to visit to start their mattress shopping journey. Having a website for shoppers to visit is a great tool because it allows them to do their research and feel less stressed over the buying process. The one problem is that there are still a wide variety of mattresses and brands to choose from through this company.

So how does one narrow down their search?

Metro Mattress takes things a step further than many mattress stores by offering visitors to their site a sleep quiz to help them find the perfect mattress for them.

First, users will select who the mattress is for: an adult, child or guest. Then you will be asked the total weight that will be on the mattress.

The next question asks how old your current mattress is. This is then followed up with a question about your current level of sleep satisfaction.

You will then be asked about any sleeping issues you may currently be having. Once you select all that apply to you, you will be asked about your preferred sleeping position.

After choosing your ideal sleeping position, you’ll be asked how often you watch tv, read or work in your bed. Moreover, of course, they ask you what kind of mattress you need, soft or hard and everything in between, which is then followed up with what type of pillow you’d like.

Finally, you’ll be asked what size bed you are looking for.

Once you have filled out the mattress quiz, it will then give you a summary of what your comfort rating is and show you how you answered each question. The downside? You have to submit your email and some other personal information before they will share your custom mattress picks. For those who don’t mind sending your email to them, then go for it and see what your recommended mattress is!

For those who don’t feel like going through the sleep quiz, Metro Mattress also has downloadable documents to help guide you on your mattress buying journey. All you need to do is enter your name and email address, and they will send you the documents for download.

Metro Mattresses Offers Wide Variety of Brands

While Metro Mattress doesn’t offer their own mattress to consumers, they do offer quite a few different brands of top quality mattresses for consumers to choose from.

Tempurpedic ProAdapt Soft Mattress

Tempur-Pedic is one of the most widely known mattress companies around, and they are known for their unique TEMPUR material used in their memory foam mattresses and toppers. The TEMPUR material responds to the user’s body to minimize pressure point and responds to the user’s body temperature, weight, and shape for a truly personalized sleep experience.

Metro Mattress offers a variety of different Tempur-Pedic series in their stock, including:

  • TEMPUR-Cloud
  • TEMPUR-Contour
  • TEMPUR-Flex
  • GrandBed
  • TEMPUR-ProAdapt
  • Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt 12-Inch Medium Foam Mattress, Queen, Made in USA, 10 Year Warranty
    • 12-INCH MATTRESS: Medium-feel foam cooling mattress.
    • COMFORT LAYER: TEMPUR Comfort Layer offers advanced adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support.
    • SUPPORT LAYER: TEMPUR-APR Support Layer is our most pressure-relieving material ever - made for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.
    • REMOVABLE COVER: SmartClimate Dual Cover System features zip-off, cool-to-touch outer layer and super stretch inner layer for convenience and comfort.
    • 10-YEAR WARRANTY: 10-Year warranty for comfort you can rely on.
    Beautyrest Ultra Premium Plush Mattress

    Beautyrest is a company that has been around since 1870 and has quite the history when it comes to not only mattress innovation, but of being used in places such as the Titanic. Because it is such a widespread name, Beauty Rest is committed to not only customer satisfaction, but exceeding expectations and industry standards. They also pride themselves in designing and assembling their mattresses right here in the United States.

    Metro Mattress offers a variety of different Beautyrest series in their stock, including:

  • Beautyrest Silver
  • Beautyrest Black
  • Beautyrest Silver Hybrid
  • Simmons BeautySleep Plush Pillow Top 450, Queen Innerspring Mattress
    • Comfort or Feel: Pillow Top
    • Queen Size Measures 79.5 inches by 60 inches by 14 inches; Requires one Queen foundation or platform bed to complete the set
    • 5 year limited warranty
    Sealy Posturepedic Plush Mattress

    Sealy mattresses are designed to not only deliver the perfect blend of comfort and support but also to provide consumers with a great value. The company boasts that every mattress is designed and built right here in the United States of America with quality materials. This allows shoppers the ability to rest assured knowing that their Sealy will last for years to come.

    Metro Mattress offers a variety of different Sealy series in their stock, including:

  • Posturepedic
  • Innerspring
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Sealy Hybrid
  • Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress, King, N
    • This 9-Inch Plush Tight Top mattress is half foam and half springs, to give you the best of both advanced comfort and support
    • Cooling Sealy Conform Gel Memory Foam provides body-conforming comfort and reduced motion transfer
    • Premium-weight stretch kit, breathable fabric lies underneath to easily conform to your body while also allowing more airflow to keep you comfortable at night
    • 3-Inch Solid Edge HD Premier System around the border so you can use the full surface of your mattress, as well as providing a solid seating surface
    • Made in the USA and backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty
    serta perfect sleeper springdale firm mattress

    Serta is one of the most recognizable brands in the mattress industry. It is made with premium materials using exclusive techniques. Serta mattresses are an ideal mattress for a variety of different sleepers. Serta claims that their mattresses are designed to provide exceptional comfort for every price point and construction. Mattresses are designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

    Currently, Metro Mattress only offers Serta’s Perfect Sleeper series.

    pure talalay bliss 3 dual mattress topper

    Pure Talalay Bliss allegedly strikes a balance between both comfort and support. It does this by using advanced design and materials to help keep your skeletal structure aligned while providing excellent pressure relief. The company boasts not to pose a health risk, making them safe for all members of the family. They are also naturally hypoallergenic with latex that is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites.

    Metro Mattress offers a small variety of Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses in their stock, including:

  • Pure Talalay Bliss World’s Best
  • Pure Talalay Bliss Pamper
  • Pure Talalay Bliss Beautiful
  • spring air bristol cushion firm mattress

    Spring Air has been around since 1926 and has devoted itself to producing quality mattresses that are made with innovative designs with a great value. The free-end offset coil design adjusts to each sleeper’s weight and is now the most copied design in the bedding industry. The patent-pending carbon neutral eco-friendly base offers a superior center-support for users while the natural latex and unique surface modification designs provide pressure relief and balanced weight distribution.

    Metro Mattress offers a small variety of Spring Air mattresses in their stock, including:

  • Cassidy Euro top
  • Bristol Cushion Firm
  • Allison Euro top
  • comfort concepts chill frost 8 gel foam mattress

    The exclusive Comfort Concepts lineup offers the quality shoppers deserve at a price that will help them save hundreds of dollars. The exclusive selection of Comfort Concepts mattresses features twice the gel-infused memory foam for comfort, support, and a cooler sleep.

    Metro Mattress offers a small variety of Comfort Concepts mattresses in their stock, including:

  • Campania
  • Chill Snow
  • Cool Gel
  • Granite
  • Serenity
  • Chill Ice
  • Chill Frost
  • What Do Consumers Think of Metro Mattress

    woman covering half of face with blanket

    Metro Mattress offers quite a variety of different top name mattresses for their customers, and one would think that would lead to a positive experience for shoppers. While many recent reviews from customers online through Google and Facebook both show very happy customers, there seem to be more unhappy campers than there are happy shoppers.


    • Knowledgeable Staff
    • Enthusiastic Staff
    • Recognize Repeat Customers


    • Pushy Salesmen
    • Poor Customer Service
    • Doesn’t Honor Warranty
    • Poor Merchandise Quality

    Is Metro Mattress Learning from Prior Mistakes?

    Because of the fact that many recent reviews of the mattress store seem to be of top quality, it leaves us wondering if they are truly listening to the complaints of their customers and making some much-needed changes to the way they run.

    This would be a major step forward for the New York-based mattress store and will only help to bring back those customers that they may have lost in the past two years based on the public commentary. By the looks of things, it currently seems as if visiting the brick and mortar stores will benefit the consumers more than simply buying online. We say this because most of the positive reviews are coming from those that took the time to visit the stores.

    That being said, for those in Upstate New York, we recommend actually visiting a local Metro Mattress store for your actual purchase, or at the very least visiting so you can get the name of the individual that is helping you along your purchasing journey.


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