Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II Review And Specification

novogratz vintage tufted sofa sleeper ii

With rent increasing and space decreasing in popular and up-and-coming cities, many of us do not have as much room in our homes or apartments as we have had in the past. This means we need to be creative with the way we use our limited space. Additionally, many people choose to rent out their spaces temporarily or permanently in order to make ends meet and pay the increasingly exorbitant rent.

These small spaces mean we need to sometimes prioritize functionality over style, although of course it would be ideal to have both. This need for function leads to many young people choosing to use their living rooms as an additional bedroom. Because the space is different from a traditional bedroom, the furniture needs to be able to be utilized differently as well. For instance, rather than a traditional couch meant only for sitting, lots of people are choosing to go for the more versatile sleeper sofa. One popular sleeper sofa right now is the Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II.

What is the Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II?

Novogratz makes stylish furniture of all types, but this particular sofa, available in four colors, seems to be particularly loved. This model is a sofa sleeper, not a pull-out bed. To turn the sofa into a twin-sized bed, the user simply removes the back pillows and reclines the sofa into a laying down position rather than the upright position used for seating guests.

Along with the upright sofa and the fully reclined bed, there is also a lounging position available with this sofa. This position is also very easy to convert to and adds to the versatility of the sofa. The piece of furniture has a durable wood frame which is covered in comfortable and attractive plush velour.

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The four colors offered are a classic dark blue that reminds me of a traditional parlor, a stylish medium gray perfect for an otherwise colorful room, forest green, and an eye-catching light pink that I have not seen offered in many other sofas at all. These fun and classy colors assure that everyone’s tastes can be met with this one particular sofa.

If you are interested in the dimensions of the sofa, it is 81.5 inches wide, 34.5 inches deep, and 33.5 inches tall in the upright sitting position. When converted to the sleeper position, the width stays the same, with the depth increasing to 44 inches and the height decreasing to 17.5 inches. The mattress thickness is 7.5 inches. This gives you an idea of how plush and comfortable the sofa is. And just in case you were worried, the sofa can hold up to 600 pounds. Anyone will feel cozy and secure on this piece, whether in a sofa, lounge, or sleeper position.

What Makes the Novogratz Tufted Sofa Vintage?

You may be wondering how this seemingly contemporary sofa is considered vintage. This has more to do with the look of the sofa sleeper rather than its actual design and functionality. The sofa is tufted in a diamond pattern, giving it texture and character. This makes the piece look old-fashioned and classic rather than the plain modern look of many sofas today.

Also adding to the vintage feel are the Victorian-style rounded wooden legs, in the same dark brown color regardless of the color of fabric covering the couch. Finally, the sloped slim arms complete the old-timey feel of this sofa. Truly, this look never went out of style, and it is especially trendy today.


The different colors of the sofa sleeper do come alongside differing prices if buying from the same vendor, but the discrepancy in price is not large. Amazon currently offers the gray sofa sleeper for $594.48 with free shipping, whereas Walmart sells it on rollback for $279 alongside a freight shipping cost of $49.97 (although it is available for free pickup at some stores). If you can’t find it at your specific Walmart store, don’t worry, because even after paying shipping, the cost is still lower at Walmart than Amazon.

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Other Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II Reviews

Reviews on this sofa sleeper are generally average. Many customers raved about the classic vintage look of the sofa and were pleased by the size as it fits in small living rooms perfectly. Purchasers praised both the unique style of the sofa as well as the selection of colors that matched their expectations perfectly.

The area customers were less satisfied with was the comfortability of the sofa. Several reviews mentioned that the sofa was too firm and stiff to sit comfortably on for extended periods of time, especially for taller users. However, multiple customers suggested adding throw pillows for some additional softness and color. It’s important to note is that over time, the couch will be “broken in” and will get softer and less firm. Other customers may have no problem with the firmness, as it provides a sturdiness and support that other sofas may not. This would be ideal for customers with back problems who require extra support in their seating.

As far as using the sofa sleeper as a bed, customers confirmed that it is about the size of a twin mattress. Some suggested putting sheets over the sofa when using it as a bed, which I personally recommend. This way you can wash the sheets when you are done and use them again for another guest.

Even if there were a few complaints about the stiffness of the couch, most customers were overall pleased with their purchase. They stated that they knew they were taking a risk when they found such an affordable couch that looked extremely classy and stylish. The reason for the affordability is likely due to the small size of the couch, as it is meant to fit in compact spaces such as efficiency and studio apartments, or starter homes with small living rooms or family rooms. The price is really unbeatable when looking for a sofa sleeper of this vintage style, because by looking at the piece of furniture, you would have no idea that it is so inexpensive.

How It Compares

Before purchasing anything that will be a staple in your home, it is important to consider all your options. There are many vintage style sofas available online and in stores, depending on your budget and exactly what color and size you are looking to buy.

  • CHESTERFIELD LOVESEAT: Feeling star struck yet? We are with this timeless Chesterfield sofa design. Chic detailing such as the rolled arms and diamond tufting provide that luxe finish you crave
  • STYLISH COMFORT: High-resiliency foam cushions are wrapped in supple polyester with faux crystal button tufting. Designed with black nickel nailhead trim and exposed feet with a faux wood finish
  • DEEP NAVY: Fashionistas rejoice-elevated style is brought to the forefront with this elegant shade of blue in your living room
  • PERFECT CHAIR COMPANION: Measuring 86" W x 34" D x 30" H, this couch sets nicely with an accent chair or coffee table. Add throw pillows for extra comfort, and you're set
  • MODULAR ASSEMBLY: Loveseat ships in a single box with easy-to-follow instructions to assemble

One popular brand besides Novogratz is Ashley Furniture, who also sells a vintage style tufted sofa complete with crystal buttons adorning the tufts. This sofa, weighing the same as the Novogratz, is also available as a slightly smaller loveseat, and both have the same classic feel as the Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II. 

Once again it is clear that the Novogratz version is a more affordable vintage style sofa, with it being comparable in all other ways to the Ashley Furniture piece. Both sofas’ reviews cite the ease with which the customer can put them together, as well as the softness of the material. The wooden legs look practically identical on each sofa, but the faux crystals on the Ashley Furniture piece are slightly more eye-catching than the unadorned diamond style on the Novogratz.

There are also severable comparable sleeper sofas if the customer is adamant on having a piece that converts easily. Of course, price depends heavily on the material used and the design of the sofa. I was able to find a few other sleepers that are in the same style as the Novogratz, which are flashier than typical modern futons. These sleepers were a similar weight and shared comparable measurements with the Novogratz sofa sleeper, but they were significantly more expensive. Generic futons were less expensive, but their style is honestly not comparable to the classic beauty of the Novogratz.

What We Think

I do recommend the Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II for anyone who wants to add some classic flair to their living space. It is perfect for those on a budget who want to impress their guests with a vintage style piece in an eye-catching color.

However, I do not believe this sofa is for everyone. It would be out of place in a simple family home, as it has a sophisticated and formal feel due to both the fabric and the tufts. Children probably would not feel welcome on this sofa, since they typically prefer softer, more malleable couches. The firmness of the Novogratz is more suited to dinner parties and adult visitors, rather than for lounging with the family and watching television all day long.

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As I mentioned before, some customers found the sofa too firm to comfortably sit upon for long periods of time. This means it probably is not the most pleasant sleeping experience either. If you plan on renting out your living room, this is probably not where you want your guest to be sleeping, because they may not write the most favorable review when it comes to their overall comfort.

Honestly, the affordable price of this sofa makes me believe it is worth the purchase even if it is not often used for its sleeper function. It is worth the cost just to add style to your living room or den, because it will earn you compliments from visitors for sure! They will be impressed with your eye for interior design, and they will have no idea that the sofa is so affordable! Have them feel the soft and sleek velour material as well, and they will be even more impressed.

It is always a good idea to do your own research before making a significant purchase such as this. A few sites even offer virtual tours of the sofa, which allow the users to zoom into specific details for themselves and see exactly how the couch looks from multiple angles. After seeing the sofa for yourself, know that I would be excited to have this sofa in my own home. If you want a stylish piece that will provide support and won’t sink in after use like many other sofas do, consider the Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II.


As I previously mentioned, this sofa is available at the rollback price at Walmart. I would want to act soon so I could be the first of my friends to have this trendy piece in my home, and I may even pick up the matching tufted rectangle ottoman, which costs from $121.13 when purchasing alongside the sofa.

Also available is a matching accent chair, which the customer may consider buying in a different color to add some pizzazz to the room. Or perhaps you want your chair to match your sofa, and plan on adding some throw pillows for a splash of color. The beauty of this sofa sleeper is that it can be adapted to match anyone’s style, and anyone’s budget.


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