Sam’s Club Mattress: Is It Good Choice For Your Bed?

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Review: Sam’s Club Mattresses

Buying a new mattress can be a nightmare if you’re not entirely sure where to look. Often, consumers are met with so many choices that it’s hard to know which store to check out first. With the advent of bed-in-the-box online retailers in the last five years, the selection of mattresses became even larger. So where should you go? If you’re unsure about which store to check out first, then you might try looking at Sam’s Club before you get lost. If you have a membership to Sam’s Club, then you can find a mattress (and maybe some great discounts) fairly easily.

What is Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is a membership-only big box store that was formed as a subsidiary of Walmart in 1983. The company was named after Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. It is a warehouse club that sells bulk items to its members at discount prices, and in recent years has begun to focus on the sale of non-food items, like electronics, bedding, clothing, and other products.

Sam’s Club sells mattress both in-store and on their website, partnering with a wide variety of brands to sell products at a reduced price.

What Makes a Sam’s Club Mattress Unique?

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Sam’s Club sells a wide variety of mattresses in their warehouse stores. Because it is a member’s only club, you’re able to have access to a round of exclusive deals that you might not be able to get anywhere else.

Sam’s Club is also one of the only mattress retailers where you’re able to get as wide of a selection as they have. They partner with a lot of brands that you might not be able to find in your run-of-the-mill mattress retailer down the road. Their online selection is rather large and you’ll have no problem finding the right mattress to fit your needs.

Mattress Guides

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When you head to their website, they offer a number of handy guides to help you find the right mattress that will fit the specific requirements you have. They give you a run-down of the different types of mattresses that you can purchase and offer some good tips to help you find the right bed for you.

They invite you to study your own sleeping habits and weigh the cost of your new mattress against the possibility that the bed you buy can last you more than ten years if you pay for a higher-quality mattress.


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Pricing depends on the brand of mattress that you choose to buy from Sam’s Club. Many of their mattresses start in the $300-400 range, and go up from there. If you’re looking for a no frills mattress and don’t need all the extra features and come with the ones in the higher price range, then this a great place to look.

Sam’s Club also offers a solid selection of the pricier beds that feature more sophisticated cooling technologies, high-end memory foam beds, and even a few water beds. They also offer a wide selection of bed frames and bedding so that you won’t have to shop around to remodel your bedroom.

How Does it Compare?

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The biggest thing to look at when buying a mattress from Sam’s Club is the wide selection. You can find a bed that will work for you. They offer mattresses for all types of sleepers and made with all sort of different materials.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to try out the mattress before you buy it like you can with a more traditional mattress retailer. This is because they stack the mattresses in rows and don’t have them out on display on the store floor. Comparison shopping is particularly important when you’re buying a mattress, as you’ll be sleeping on your bed every night for the life of the product. If you can’t compare how each one feels, then you’ll likely have a hard time getting the right mattress for you.

Public Perception

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The reviews on buying a mattress from Sam’s Club are truly mixed. Some consumers revealed that their purchase at the store was the worst purchase they’d ever made, citing concerns that the mattresses were not as high quality as they thought when they were shopping for a new bed. Many believed that they were over-charged for their purchase, as many of the discounts were minimal and the beds broke down a lot faster than they expected.

Many consumers had trouble returning their purchases, even with a 90-day back guarantee, and found the customer service hotlines to be difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, the negative reviews outweighed the positive. Many chose Sam’s Club for their lower prices and came out of the experience needing to spend more anyway.

Recently, Sam’s Club has also been forced to close down quite a few stores around the United States, leading some consumers to worry that they might not be able to return their purchase if the brand is downsizing.

What Do We Think?

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Sam’s Club has an impressive collection of mattresses that you can choose from on their website. They help you find the right mattress you need by determining the size, firmness, and materials that you want for your new bed, and then point you into the right direction so you can make a well-informed purchase.

They carry many great mattress brands and give you a solid selection to look at, but if you head into the store to buy the mattress rather than shop online, you’ll have a hard time finding the right one due to the way that they store them.

If you need a new mattress, then you’re better off walking into a traditional mattress retailer to purchase one. You’ll be able to walk the sales floor and lay on each mattress you’re interested in so you can find the right one that fits for you. Just because Sam’s Club has a wide selection, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to find the right one.

Another option for you if you’re looking for a new mattress is to try any one of the bed-in-a-box brands that have been founded in the last five years. Brands like Casper or Leesa have a wide variety of mattresses that are full of great features to give you a great night’s sleep.

Bed-in-a-box brands are typically e-commerce mattress companies that sell memory foam mattresses directly to the consumer through their online store. Because the mattress is memory foam, it can be rolled up and put in a more compact box that is then shipped directly to your house. Many brands designed an incredibly comfortable mattress that is guaranteed to give you support and keep you comfortable while you sleep. What’s better is that most online mattress brands allow you to try out the mattress for a full 100 days and will give you a full refund if it ends up not being the right one for you. 100% money-back guarantee. Sounds like a great day.

If You Want a Good Mattress, Then Try Somewhere Else

Sam’s Club is a great store for a lot of reasons. They have a wide range of food and other items that are offered to their members at great discount prices. The membership costs less than $100 a year, and you’ll find great bulk items that’ll save you money on multiple trips to the grocery store each year. However, you’re better off finding a mattress somewhere else. Sam’s Club just isn’t the right place to find a long-lasting mattress for a good price.


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