Silent Night – Reviewing the Serta Air Mattress

Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress

Sleeping on an air mattress is usually reserved for guests, siblings, and people who normally don’t occupy a given spot on the floor. You can take an air mattress with you on vacation, or keep one as a spare for any potential company who plans to spend a night or two at your home.

We tested a Serta Air Mattress to see how well it would suit you and your guests when pulled out as a spare, or even as a permanent fixture as part of a guest room.

Comparison Table

What Is the Serta Air Mattress?

Like others on the market, the Serta Air Mattress in this review is designed to be inflated on the spot. You’ll use an air pump to inflate the mattress, and pile on any number of pillows, sheets, and blankets to make it feel like a bed of your own. Air mattresses can support more than one person, given the right amount of inflation.

Using the Serta Air Mattress, you won’t have to manually pump the air yourself. The control panel on the side of the mattress automatically inflates and deflates the mattress, saving your hands and lungs some serious effort!




 18 inches


20-21 pounds

Auto Controls   

Auto Inflate and Auto Deflate with Auto Shutoff available

Mattress Interior

Circular Coils


PVC, Resistant to Water and Punctures


Cup and Bag for Cords and Mattress Components

What Makes the Serta Air Mattress Unique?

Any type of Serta Air Mattress uses the company’s patented NeverFLAT technology. Using a custom formula inside the mattress, it ensures that no sagging or air pressure loss will occur while you are sleeping throughout the night or day. You can choose several settings on the mattress (plush, medium, or firm), and then start the primary pump to get the inflation process started.

Using the secondary pump, the mattress will continuously monitor the status of the air inside during the time the mattress is occupied. When necessary, the secondary pump will engage, and it’s quiet enough to never interrupt anyone but the lightest of sleepers.


An integrated nightlight inside the Serta Air Mattress includes a USB port, enabling you to charge your mobile devices no matter where you are located. This means you can set up the mattress inside a tent and not worry about fishing for an outlet on a generator or leaving your devices inside the car!

The circular coils inside the mattress give you the same comfort as a traditional mattress will help to hold the shape of the bed while you stay asleep.

Pricing the Serta Air Mattress

A Serta Air Mattress is a well-known name in comfort. You can also find office furniture and bed frames under the Serta brand. The name commands respect, and with it, you can expect to pay appropriately for an air mattress with NeverFLAT technology.

Depending on your preferred shopping location, a Serta Air Mattress could cost anywhere from $120 to $162. You’ll want to factor in tax and possible shipping costs if you decide to purchase an air mattress online. In the case of something as large as a Serta Air Mattress, you might have to be present to sign for a delivery or be sure that someone is present to accept it.

Trying Out the Mattress


Our experience with the Serta Air Mattress began with the primary air pump. It is nearly impossible to hear the mattress inflate. Once you notice that the red light has been turned on, the pump is active, and will begin to inflate for its initial cycle. While the noise is audible, it’s not something that should bother anyone else who is already sleeping in the same room or others.

After just a couple of minutes, the Serta Air Mattress inflates, and you’ll be ready to get comfortable. The secondary pump automatically regulates throughout the night, requiring no outside input from any human hands. No detectable sound came out of the secondary pump throughout the night, even while listening closely during the early parts of the night.


Using the queen, mattress, there are a total of 35 coils contained inside the Serta Air Mattress. These are used to stabilize anyone’s body who lies down on the mattress and keep their spines in alignment, preventing any pain in the morning.

As it turns out, not only is the core of the Serta Air Mattress sturdy, but it stays consistent throughout the rest of the mattress. This is a testament to the quality of the air pump. It equalizes the necessary pressure throughout the entirety of the mattress, and from our tests, the secondary pump accomplished its job as the night continued.

The top of the mattress is soft and bears enough ridges to bedsheets secured in place. This is a nice touch by Serta and furthers the idea that this is a real bed to use, not just a glorified sleeping bag. Even while staying on the edge of the mattress, the coils never buckled or shifted the focus of the bed.

Pump Performance

Using the pump allows you to choose from three different levels: Plush, Medium, or Firm. The settings live up to their name, and the time it takes to adjust from one setting to another is just enough to check your social media accounts for any new notifications.

You won’t have any issue finding your desired comfort level with the primary pump. The type of mattress you prefer on a normal bed is exactly what you should choose from the automated pump on the Serta Air Mattress. Once your desired level is reached, the pump automatically shuts off, and the secondary pump takes over, maintaining the level until you deflate the mattress.

How Does the Serta Air Mattress Compare?

Compared to other air mattresses on the market, the Serta Air Mattress is the preferred choice among all other brands. We compared it to a few other options just to see how it might stack up, and the results ensured us that the Serta is the best choice.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump - Twin Size
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY 1-YEAR WARRANTY comes standard on all SoundAsleep mattresses. Rest assured on your purchase of the highest quality air mattress money can buy. Call or email anytime for support. Our US based support team is here to help!
  • INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGN exclusively using ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability. No slipping and sliding! With 21 internal air coils for added durability and support your bed will remain flat and firm so you can stay SoundAsleep!
  • PATENTED 1-CLICK INTERNAL PUMP ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Designed for in-home use, the Twin Size Dream Series mattress reaches full inflation in under 3 minutes and will stay inflated for days. To reach optimal firmness, use the pump for a quick top up!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED "DOUBLE-HEIGHT" RAISED AIR BED with dual chamber construction. With inflated dimensions of 73" x 38" x 18", this mattress is the perfect size to sleep guests, friends and relatives of all shapes and sizes without taking up an entire room! For a larger mattress, check out our queen size!
  • EXTRA THICK, WATERPROOF FLOCKED TOP ensures a comfortable sleeping experience while multilayer, puncture-resistant Eco-Friendly PVC makes this mattress extra durable and long-lasting.

Another popular brand name, the Soundasleep Dream Series air mattress is well-reviewed in comfort, price, and stability throughout the night. It’s a reliable mattress that will stay with you for years, but it comes at a cost of convenience.

Unlike the Serta Air Mattress, the Soundasleep Dream Series takes what feels like forever to inflate. When you are tired and ready to sleep, there are few worse feelings than waiting for a mattress to blow up while you struggle to keep your eyes open. The same can be said about its deflation process – not great for hurried trips to the airport.

The Intex Comfort Plush boasts a high mattress that rests quite a bit off the ground, perfect for those who wish to feel like they aren’t sleeping on the floor. It isn’t the most comfortable air mattress in the world, but it makes for a good replacement if others aren’t available.

The biggest issue with the Intex Comfort Plush is sagging. Upon first getting on and lying down, there is a noticeable dip at the edges, and it contributes to a real feeling of instability while you try to relax. It’s not a critical problem, but it isn’t the best first impression to get from a bed that promises comfort anywhere you put it.

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump - Queen Pillow Top
  • THE INSTA-BED PROMISE: Rest easy! We offer a 1 Year with our Insta-Beds. Call or e-mail our Customer Service team for prompt service or to answer any questions or concerns!
  • INTEGRATED PUMP: In less than 4 minutes, the primary pump provides fast and easy inflation or deflation. Sensors monitor air pressure throughout the night, and a secondary NeverFlat pump engages automatically to maintain consistent firmness and comfort.
  • CIRCULAR COIL CONSTRUCTION: with vertical and horizontal reinforcement provides proven support and comfort.
  • COMFORTABLE PILLOW TOP FEATURE: With a removable, washable pillow top - Made with puncture and water-resistant materials, 35 circular coils plus vertical and horizontal reinforcement provides proven support and comfort.
  • SPECS: Inflated Dimensions: 78" L x 60" W x 18" H, Included: Washable Pillow Top accessory, carry bag for easy storage and travel

Insta-Bed utilizes the same NeverFLAT technology found in our review of the Serta Air Mattress. The mattress is comfortable, and like the Serta, the pump shuts off immediately when it isn’t in use. The advantages of the NeverFLAT pumps work the same in the Insta-Bed as it does in the Serta Air Mattress.

Unfortunately, the Insta-Bed does not feel as stable as other air mattresses on the market. Random moments during the night where you roll over will feel like you’re about to fall to the ground. Even though you’re not far up, the dizzying sensation of tipping over the edge will be enough to pull you right out of the comfortable zone of sleep.

Intex Dura-Beam Series Elevated Deluxe Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump, Bed Height 18", Queen - Amazon Exclusive
  • Top of the bed features interconnecting air pockets for a luxuriously soft sleeping surface
  • Built-in, high-powered electric pump for hassle-free inflation and deflation - inflates in just minutes
  • Waterproof flocked top and sides provide a smooth sleeping surface and help to keep your fitted sheets from slipping
  • Duffel bag included for easy storage and transport
  • 60" x 80" x 18"

This Intex model is a perfect choice if you plan to have guests on occasion and just need an inexpensive spare to keep when necessary. It rates high on comfort, especially given the price, and will work for those who just want to make their guests feel like they always have a warm, welcome place to stay.

That being said, the Intex Dura-Beam does not feel like it was built to last. The durability of this mattress is questionable at best, and it won’t take long before you consider having to replace it. This becomes a major inconvenience if you have spontaneous guests and you worry about whether the mattress will still hold up. We don’t recommend going with the Intex Dura-Beam.

The Serta Air Mattress: Buy or Pass?

Person lying on a white bed

​Image via ​Pexels

Especially after testing other mattresses, we give a full recommendation of the Serta Air Mattress, especially with its incredible NeverFLAT technology built into the pump system. Sleeping on the air mattress felt like a hotel bed, with the support and cushioning expected from a full bed set. This is the kind of sleep that hotels wish they could give to every guest.

The automatic pump system makes pulling out the air mattress a piece of cake. Whether you are planning a trip for yourself or you know that you will have company that will need a space to crash, the Serta Air Mattress and its air pump will make you look incredibly hospitable.

The portability of an air mattress is a luxury you don’t want to overlook when going on a vacation. Even with the technological advances of NeverFLAT, the Serta Air Mattress remains a very compact bed. Once deflated, you can easily store it in an oversized travel bag and turn your attention to more important things, like where you’ll be going when you’re NOT sleeping!

Choosing the Serta Air Mattress

Because air mattresses have plenty of choices on the market, why would you go with the Serta over the competition?

The answer comes back to the Serta name, and the fact that they have been dealing in comfort for so many years with excellent customer feedback. Using the Serta Air Mattress guarantees you a great night of sleep, and it isn’t just a tagline for advertising.

Compared to the others we looked at, there was always an exception or a reason to go back to Serta. At one point or another, the Serta Air Mattress beat out its competition in durability, comfort, and basic engineering.

We also can’t overstate how convenient the dual pumps are. Even if you discount the fact that the secondary pump monitors the airflow of the mattress throughout the night, you will be able to deflate and inflate the Serta Air Mattress in the amount of time it takes to make some popcorn and enjoy a movie.

Maintaining Your Air Mattress

When you invest in an air mattress, you’re making the decision to keep a spare bed for you or your guests for the foreseeable future. It isn’t just a sleeping bag that can be stashed in the closet and occasionally washed when necessary. The Serta Air Mattress will require some routine checkups to be sure it is functioning properly.

Every now and then, be sure to check that both pumps are functioning properly. It might seem like a minor detail, but an improperly inflated mattress could cause someone to wake up sore, and potentially ruin their day.

You also want to be sure that no part of the air mattress has been punctured. This could be caused by something you’re wearing while brushing up against the mattress, or a sharp object that came into contact with the mattress while it’s being stored in a closet.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to have a comfortable sleeping option for years. The Serta Air Mattress is the perfect choice to invest in a portable good night’s sleep.


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