Serta Mattress Topper Review: Buying Guide

serta mattress topper review

When your bed starts to get a little less comfortable, you probably should start thinking about replacing your mattress. That’s a pretty big chunk of money, though, so unless you’ve budgeted for that specifically, you may want to consider some alternatives.

One of those alternatives is getting a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers are designed to give added cushioning and extend the life of mattresses. They’re also priced at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress, so they’re a great way to save money as well.

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What is a Mattress?

empty mattress

Mattr​​​​esses are large, rectangle-shaped pads that are used for sleeping and resting on. These are often made for fitting on a frame. During construction, mattresses are quilted from heavy cloth. The insides of mattresses can contain a number of different substances including animal hair, cotton, metal springs, rubber, foam, straw, or any similar material.

The origins of the word mattress come from the Arabic word “matrah.” When translated, this word means “something thrown down” or “a place where something is thrown down.” Europeans first adopted the Arabic method of sleep during the Crusades. The Arabs would sleep with a cushion that was placed on the floor. Early mattresses were constructed out of a variety of natural materials such as horsehair, feathers, and straw. Since that time, we’ve adjusted and advanced our sleeping habits into sleeping on mattresses that are made of innerspring cores and fiberfill or cotton.

Mattress Toppers Versus Mattress Protectors


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When you’re looking to improve the comfort of your current mattress, you have a lot of options. Two terms that get thrown around interchangeably are mattress toppers and mattress protectors. This is a false notion because these are two different products produced for two different uses altogether. As you may have guessed from their name, mattress toppers go on top of mattresses. These are designed to give you an extra layer of comfort on top of the mattress. Additionally, mattress toppers can help prevent staining of a mattress, and keep out allergens and fluids that could damage your mattress.

On the other hand, mattress protectors are thin and waterproof protective coverings that go over the mattress. These are not designed for adding any additional comfort. Instead, these are made to prevent both liquids and allergens from getting into the mattress itself. While protectors may offer a nominal amount of cushioning, they are not designed to help you sleep better, but only to protect your bed from damage. As you can see, while these two products may serve similar roles, they are quite different. The important thing to remember is that if you are looking for help at getting better sleep, then you should go with a mattress topper.

Why Use a Mattress Topper?

The first types of mattress toppers were either thin feather beds or thin toppers made from egg crate foam. Both types of mattress toppers would run for $ or less, so this became a cheap way to help extend the life of a bed that had grown uncomfortable.

Today mattress toppers are created from materials such as memory foam and visco elastic. These materials are much more comfortable then previously used materials. But for the consumer who misses their old feather mattress toppers, there exists hybrid styles that combine memory foam and goose down.

Different Types of Mattress Toppers

types  of mattress toppers

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Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials and options, designed to meet the different needs of each kind of sleeper. Each topper type has positives and negatives. You will want to think through the pros and cons to decide for sure which materials would best suit you.

Natural Latex Mattress Toppers

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Soft - 2 Inch - Queen Size
  • Latex Provides Amazing Pinpointed Support - Sleep Better Instantly
  • 100% Natural Latex - No Synthetic Latex - No Fillers
  • Soft but also supportive (Firmness rating is 20 ILD)
  • 4.0 lbs/cubic ft
  • Latex Foam Naturally Stays Cool

Natural latex is made from the liquid that comes from rubber trees that grow in in tropical environments like Thailand.


  • Natural latex is non-allergenic and naturally microbial for healthier sleep.
  • Natural latex is firm but bouncy, and generally firmer than memory foam, which is also made from rubber plants.
  • Natural latex tends to be “quiet” for any bed partner – good if you happen to toss and turn at night.
  • Natural latex is naturally very durable.
  • Natural latex offers great support for those who have arthritis or painful joints.


  • Natural latex can be too hot for some people.
  • There is a bouncy feeling to latex that a lot of people do not like.
  • Natural latex tends to be more expensive than other mattress topper materials.
  • Natural latex mattress toppers are notorious for smelling strongly of rubber when they’re first opened and put on beds
  • Some people think natural latex is too firm for sleeping on.
  • Natural latex has a bouncy feeling.
  • Natural latex can be a source of allergy issues. Never use this kind of topper if you or your bed partner have any kind of latex allergy

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

LUCID 3-inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Queen
  • 3 inches of ventilated gel memory foam adds softness and pressure relieving comfort to your mattress
  • Special memory foam formula is extremely soft, airy and responsive
  • Ventilated design improves airflow for a more comfortable sleep climate
  • Memory foam is infused with a plush gel material that captures heat to control temperature
  • New foam scent is normal and will dissipate over the first 48 hours after opening; this product features a 3 year warranty

Memory foam is made from the liquid from rubber plants as well, but undergoes a very different manufacturing process than other latex processes. This particular type of mattress topper is very popular and comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and densities. It’s known for providing great cushioning and reducing pressure point pain.


  • Memory foam is great for reducing pressure point pain, especially for those with fibromyalgia or arthritis.
  • Memory foam is known for being one of the most comfortable and soft mattress topper types.
  • Memory foam can reduce the motion in the bed, meaning your bed partner may be able to sleep more soundly, even if you can’t for some reason
  • Memory foam adds comfort to mattresses that don’t have as much support or are already hard due to age.


  • Memory foam mattress toppers tend to retain heat and can become uncomfortable for those who sleep in hot environments
  • Memory foam mattress toppers tend to have a distinct odor when new.
  • Memory foam mattress toppers are usually the most expensive option.

Wool Fleece Mattress Toppers

Cal Ripken Deluxe Reversible Australian Merino Wool Mattress Pad by Herington, Twin
  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • Made in Australia
  • Two pads in one, 500 GSM 100-percent Australian Merino Wool fleece, reverses to 350 GSM 100 percent Australian Merino Wool fill; quilted with a 233 thread count 100-percent japara cotton cover that is extremely soft and durable; a fully elasticized skirt keeps the pad in place and eliminates shifting and bunching
  • Made from all-natural materials and chemical free
  • Woolmark licensed which guarantees that we follow extremely stringent guidelines of quality, purity and fiber content

Wool fleece mattress toppers are probably the most difficult variety to find, but they are great for people who overheat easily.


  • Wool fleece mattress toppers are comfortable and soft.
  • Wool fleece mattress toppers are cool in summer and warm in winter. This material is both comfortable and soft.
  • Wool fleece is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Wool fleece doesn’t hinder movement
  • Wool fleece is very durable


  • Wool fleece mattress toppers can be difficult to locate and purchase.
  • Wool fleece mattress toppers tend to be rather expensive
  • When you first purchase a wool fleece mattress topper, it can smell a bit like a sheep is in bed with you.

Polyester Blend Mattress Toppers

Hypoallergenic Quilted Stretch-to-Fit Mattress Pad by Hanna Kay, 10 Year Warranty-Clyne Collection (King)
  • REAL COMFORT | 40% MORE FILL THAN AVERAGE: Ready for that nap? At the end of your day, you want to feel nothing but comfort between you and your bed. Hanna Kay mattress pads come stuffed with 40% more filling than other pads on the market, crafted from luxury-quality hypoallergenic materials to keep even sensitive sinuses and heads clear.
  • KEEP COOL WITH OUR UNIQUE POLY-COTTON BLEND: Get the mattress pad that's known for its breathability. Unlike fully polyester or plastic pads, Hanna Kay provides protection and breathability, to keep your sleep nice and cool.
  • NO SPECIAL WASHING INSTRUCTIONS, NO BUNCHING: We designed our premium hypoallergenic mattress pad to fit your lifestyle-which means no special washing instructions needed. And our pad's diamond stitching provides comfort and durability while preventing material bunching in the wash.
  • THE PERFECT FIT ... WITH STRETCH-TO-FIT TECHNOLOGY: Hanna Kay always brings comfort and ease to our products. The knitted polyester sides slip over mattresses up to 16 inches deep with zero fuss, giving you a perfect fit that stays put.
  • 10-YEAR "SHIELD IT" GUARANTEE: We love our customers and we work hard for you to love us, too. If for any reason you stop loving your Hanna Kay mattress pad, though, get in touch: we'll return it for a 100% no-questions refund.

Polyester blend mattress toppers are the budget-friendly option. Unfortunately, they also tend to be cheaply made and aren’t as comfortable or supportive as other materials.


  • Polyester blends are inexpensive
  • Polyester blend mattress toppers don’t have any odd or unpleasant odors, unlike other materials.
  • Polyester blend mattress toppers add some softness to your bed.


  • Polyester blends tend to be kind of hot, so they’re not great for those who sleep in warm environments.
  • Polyester doesn’t provide much cushioning or support.
  • Polyester mattress toppers get lumpy after a while.

Feather Mattress Toppers

  • Willow Highlands, 78" x 80" x 2" Standard King Size Down Pillow Top Mattress Pad.
  • The 2" mattress pad sidewalls mean that when you place it on your existing mattress, you will experience the ultimate in comfort.
  • This mattress is also great for rejuvinating an older bed's mattress, or increasing the comfort of a sofa bed.
  • The mattress pad is filled with a full 15 pounds of 5% Down, 95% Small Feather fill. This fill combination is the optimum combination for comfort.
  • Flexible elastic side skirt for a smooth and snug fit on a mattress up to 15" thick. The side skirt makes this mattress pad extremely easy to install.

Feather mattress toppers, or featherbeds, are similar to those cozy duvets that are stuffed to the brim with feathers. They’re luxuriously soft and cozy, but they don’t add much support.


  • Feather mattress toppers are exceedingly soft and cozy.
  • Feather mattress toppers are cheaper than memory foam or latex options.
  • Feather mattress toppers don’t retain heat.
  • Feather mattress toppers don’t impede movement in bed.


  • Feather mattress toppers are noisy and feel crinkly
  • Feather mattress toppers can poke you uncomfortably when feathers slip through the pores of the fabric encasing them
  • Feather mattress toppers get compressed over time, and lose most of their effectiveness.
  • Feather mattress toppers aren’t exactly hypoallergenic.

Our Review: The Serta Mattress Topper

Today we’re homing in on a mattress topper from one of the most well-advertised mattress and mattress accessory manufacturers of recent years. The Serta Mattress Topper comes highly reviewed by a number of professionals, as well as average customers.

General Overview for the Serta Mattress Topper

Serta 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper, California King
  • Exclusive Serta dual layer construction mattress topper
  • 2-Inch memory foam layer provides comfort and support, helping to eliminate painful pressure points; 2-Inch pillow-top layer provides soft support
  • Cool, breathable comfort for a cooler sleep surface
  • Includes premium Egyptian cotton cover that is removable and machine washable; extends mattress life by years ; Memory foam made in the USA
  • 10-year limited manufacturers warranty

The Serta Mattress Topper adds a plushy layer of memory foam cushioning to your mattress to relieve pressure points and give you a better night’s sleep. The manufacturers of the Serta Mattress Topper claim that this product helps with proper spinal alignment while you sleep, and the ability to extend the life of your mattress.

The Serta Mattress Topper overall received 4.6 out of 5 stars from users on Sam’s Club’s review page, 4.8 out of 5 stars for the three-inch topper from Kohl’s shoppers, and 5 out of 5 stars from all 10 customers on Amazon who reviewed this four-inch mattress topper.


  • The mattress topper comes in a variety of thicknesses to best suit your sleeping needs
  • The mattress topper has a washable quilted cotton cover. Easily remove and toss it in the washer to maintain freshness.
  • The mattress topper is designed specifically to give cradling support and comfort for your body while you sleep.
  • The construction is hypoallergenic.
  • You can easily spot-clean the mattress topper. Just follow the included directions for care.
  • The Serta Mattress Topper comes with a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty. Review it to fully understand what’s covered by the warranty.
  • The no-slip cover secures the topper to the mattress and gives added protection to your mattress and the topper
  • The memory foam for this mattress topper is made in the USA
  • Mattress toppers are designed to extend the life of your mattress.
  • This memory foam mattress topper gives pressure point relief while you sleep, preventing the usual tossing and turning caused by many mattresses
  • This mattress topper supports proper spinal alignment for better back health.
  • Gel beads are infused and swirled into the memory foam construction, combined with a pillow top layer for ultimate comfort and coolness while you sleep
  • The mattress topper has a deep pocket, stretch-to-fit bed-skirt that won’t pop off
  • The Serta Mattress Topper offers a medium-soft to medium firmness feel.


  • We didn’t find a lot of consistent complaints. Mostly the negatives mentioned were preferential choices of the consumers, especially from people who bought the thinner models but wanted thicker ones.
  • The only semi-consistent complaint we found was that several people felt the topper was too warm. Because of that, this may not be a very good option for those who sleep in warm places.

Places to Purchase the Serta Mattress Topper

You can find Serta Mattress Toppers at a variety of retailers both online and in-store. Some of those places include:

  • Sam’s Club
  • WalMart
  • JC Penney
  • Kohl’s
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Amazon

Price Range for the Serta Mattress Topper

We found a fairly wide price range for the Serta Mattress Topper. This range seems to be based on the size, thickness, and specific retailer, with varying target customers. The mattress topper is available for anywhere between $ to $$$, depending on the exact model.

Our Verdict: The Serta Mattress Topper Lives Up to Its Reputation

Our overall impression of the Serta Mattress Topper is that it lives up to the company’s reputation for offering quality manufacturing and deep comfort. The mattress topper received varying reviews, depending on the thickness of the model, which makes sense, as an extra inch can make a world of difference in spinal comfort.

Because of the varied reviews, we’d recommend the 4-inch model, rather than the 3-inch option. The 3-inch model receives fairly equal ratings overall, but the extra inch will make the price difference worth it for sure. Before you purchase any mattress topper, though, be sure to check out sales prices, deals, and any additional reviews from real life customers.


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