Simmons Mattress: What Is It And What Makes It Unique

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Review: Simmons Mattresses

In the world of comfortable sleep, there are a large number of mattresses that you can choose from to cater to your needs. From soft mattresses to more firm ones, every type of sleeper can find a mattress that works well for them. One of the most well-known brands of mattresses comes from the Simmons Bedding Company.

Who is the Simmons Bedding Company?

Before the Simmons company began manufacturing mattresses, they were a small manufacturer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, making wooden cheese boxes and telegraph insulators. The company’s founder, Zalmon G. Simmons, received a patent for a woven-wire bedspring as payment for a debt and in 1876, they began mass-producing woven wire mattresses. By 1891, the company had been incorporated for a number of years and was billed as the largest company of its kind in the world.

After the death of Simmons in 1910, his son, Zalmon Simmons Jr., took charge of the company is largely responsible for growth that pushed it into the international market. Simmons Jr. began marketing their mattresses in national publications and created a new sales model that allowed consumers to test out the various models in stores before purchasing the mattress, which would be delivered the next day to their home.

In 1925, Simmons Mattresses began producing pocketed coil mattresses, which were previously only available in high-income homes do to the involved nature of the work in creating them. They perfected a technique that they could use to mass produce the coils, which allowed them to create their popular Beautyrest mattress brand. That brand is still one of their flagship products nearly 100 years later.

They are also credited with creating the popular Hide-A-Bed, which was the first of its kind that provided a fold-out mattress could be hidden underneath the cushions of a couch when it wasn’t in use. That style of bed was popular in many homes worldwide up until the 1980s, where it declined in popularity. However, you can still find the same style of sleeper sofas in living rooms worldwide.

The company has gone through their fair share of struggles, but still remains one of the most recognized mattress brands in America and worldwide.

What Makes a Simmons Mattress Unique?

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Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from one of three different types of Simmons Beautyrest mattresses: silver, platinum, and black. This is a departure from previous product lines that they’ve rolled out, as they use to have a catalog saturated with too many options that left many consumers confused about which bed would be the right one for them.

They are also one of the brands that will sell only through retailers, rather than subscribe to the “bed-in-a-box” direct-to-consumer brands like Nectar or something similar. Their innerspring beds are comfortable and come in varying levels of firmness, and they have an innerspring hybrid bed that also incorporate different types of foam.

Silver Tier Bed

Platinum Tier Bed

Black Tier Bed

Notable Features in a Simmons Mattress

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Surface Comfortability

Memory Foam Options

Coils and Foam in the Support Layer

Public Perception

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The reviews on Simmons mattresses are as varied as the customers who buy them. Many reviews can agree that the comfortability of the mattress holds up relatively well, depending on the firmness and how much you spend on the mattress itself. Simmons has made it easy for every type of sleeper to find a mattress that fits their exact needs, which is something that we think is an important thing to point out.

Unfortunately, most reviewers also agreed that the mattress stays comfortable for the first couple of years of use, but then rapidly declines afterward. Most reviewers noticed that after a number of years of constant use, the memory foam had broken down enough that they would sink right into the mattress and down to the spring core.

Simmons does not do a great job of disclosing what kind of materials they use for their mattresses, which is a problem. Many reviewers want that transparency and are convinced that the company uses cheaper materials in their mattresses.


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Each tier has their own pricing structure, depending on the size of the mattress and the type of material that goes into making it. That being said, even the lowest tier pricing can break the bank of a low-income consumer, and you may end up paying for it in the long run if the bed begins to break down after a few years. You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to over $4000 for a mattress, depending on the tier that you choose.

How it Compares

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When compared to other mattress brands, you can usually find a similar mattress that won’t cost nearly as much. Many of the cooling features that Simmons offers are standard in less expensive mattresses. The higher end mattresses are generally thought to be more comfortable than competitors, but their durability is still somewhat of an issue.

What We Think


Depending on the type of mattress you want to buy, you can generally be sure that you’ll have a great night’s sleep for the first few years of owning a Simmons but, after that, you run the risk of the mattress losing its support structure.

For earners that budget everything they buy, this makes a Simmons mattress not the soundest of investments. You’re better off spending the same amount of (or less!) money with some of the lesser known brands for a mattress that will last you more than a couple of years.

The 10-year warranty isn’t the best either, considering how much these mattresses cost and the fact that they’re supposed to last longer than 10 years if they’re made well. You won’t be able to find any money-back guarantees from the manufacturer either, since these mattresses are sold through retailers.

However, if you’re the type who wants to buy a mattress from a respected household name, then this is mattress for you. Simmons is unparalleled in the industry as being the most well-known brand.

You’ll Sleep Great, But You Might Break the Bank

Simmons Mattress Company has been a household name in the bedding industry for over 80 years. They are credited with introducing some of the most groundbreaking technologies that revolutionized the mattress industry, and many of their mattresses have these features that are meant to increase your comfort. The problem is that you may end up pay more than you should for the mattress if you decide to buy it.

Unfortunately, these prices just aren’t competitive anymore. This is especially true if the features they offer at certain price points don’t really make the price worth it, and the bed is prone to a breakdown in durability after only a few years of use. To be on the safe side, you’re probably better off trying a different brand.


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