A Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper Review

A Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper Review

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s uncomfortable, there are other solutions besides buying another mattress. One of the greatest, easiest, and cheapest options to improve the comfort of your mattress is getting a sleep innovations mattress topper.

A mattress topper is a mattress cover you can purchase that goes over the mattress and provides extra comfort.

Mattress toppers are also a great way to extend the life of your mattress while ensuring you can get a good night’s sleep.

What is a Mattress, Anyway?

A mattress is a large rectangular pad for sleeping and resting on. Often, these are designed to fit a specific bedframe.

Mattress construction involves quilting together heavy cloth to act as an outside barrier that holds straw, hair, cotton, metal springs, rubber, foam, or a similar material together in the pad.

Normally mattresses are sold with a bed base and box spring to help support the mattress itself.

The word mattress is derived from the Arabic word “matrah,” which means “something thrown down” or “a place where something is thrown down.”

Early mattresses were filled with a variety of naturally occurring materials such as feathers, straw, and horsehair.  

It was during the time of the Crusades that the Europeans adopted the Arabic method of sleeping on cushions on the floor.

By the first half of the 20th Century, the average mattress sold in North America consisted of an innerspring core along with cotton or fiberfill. Fill components included insulator pads over coils that would stop the bed’s upholstery layer from getting pushed down into the innerspring.

Modern mattresses sold in North American have an innerspring as well, though there’s been the relatively recent development of hybrid beds that mix together an innerspring with high-end foam, such a memory foam, or gel-infused memory foam.

What is the Difference Between a Mattress Topper and Mattress Protector?

Mattress Bed Soft

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Mattress toppers are a kind of cushion pad that is placed on top of a mattress. Mattress toppers also help keep out stains, fluids, and allergens from the mattress.

Mattress protectors are thin and waterproof protective coverings that prevent liquids and allergens from getting into the mattress itself.

While protectors have a small amount of cushioning, they are not intended to act as a cushion. Mattress pads, however, are primarily designed for adding additional padding for comfort.

It is possible to combine these two products. If you can find a mattress protector deep enough, it can cover both your mattress and the mattress topper.

If you are looking to get a better night’s sleep, you may want to consider purchasing a mattress topper.

Why Should You Use a Mattress Topper?

The main reason people purchase mattress toppers in the first place is to compensate for a bed that is uncomfortable.

The earliest types of mattress toppers were thin feather beds. More enterprising people would simply purchase cheaper egg crate foam and cut it down to the right size for their bed.

As both types of mattress toppers ran for under $50, it was a rather inexpensive means to help extend the life of a bed that was becoming uncomfortable.

What are the Different Types of Mattress Toppers?

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When shopping for mattress toppers, it is important to remember that there are different kinds made from different materials. You should know the benefits and downsides of each types to make sure you won’t waste your money on something that you’ll later find uncomfortable.

The different kinds of materials used for filling mattress toppers include:

  • Latex
  • Polyester blends
  • Wool
  • Memory Foam
  • Feathers

Natural Latex

Natural latex is a material that is made from a liquid that originates from rubber trees.


  • It is a firm but bouncy material.
  • This is a non-allergenic and antimicrobial material.
  • It is a very durable substance.
  • It provides support for those suffering from painful joints and arthritis.
  • This substance doesn’t transmit motion.


  • It can have a rubbery smell at first.
  • Latex holds heat in.
  • Natural latex is an expensive material to acquire.
  • Some feel that latex is too firm.
  • There is a bouncy feel to latex.
  • Those allergic to latex should avoid it.

Polyester Blends


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For the budget-conscious, polyester blends are the least expensive mattress topper materials. Another name for this construction is fiberfill. This substance is a great substitute for those who like the feel of feathers but cannot sleep on them because of allergies.

However, you get what you pay for because polyester fibers are also the least supportive of all materials for a mattress topper.


  • This is a cheap option when shopping for mattress toppers.
  • There are no odors with this type of material.
  • These make for a moderate measure of softness.


  • These mattress toppers can hold heat.
  • This material does not prove much support or cushioning.
  • Over time, these mattress toppers can become lumpy.
  • As this material is used it becomes compressed.

Natural Wool Fleece

While it can be difficult to hunt down a mattress cover made from natural wool fleece, they are very comfortable. They also don’t retain body heat, unlike the other options.


  • This material is both comfortable and soft.
  • It will remain cool in the summer and help you stay warm in the winter.
  • The material does not hinder movement while in bed.
  • This material is both antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.
  • The material itself is very durable.


  • A mattress cover made from this material can be difficult to find.
  • This is an expensive choice.
  • When first purchased, you can expect your bed to smell like you are snuggled up to a sheep.

Memory Foam

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Memory foam is a chemically enhanced form of polyurethane. This is a very popular type of mattress topper and is available in a wide range of thicknesses and densities.

Memory foam is known for being able to provide both excellent cushioning and support.


  • Memory foam is known for being both soft and comfortable.
  • This material can help reduce pressure on arthritic or sore joints.
  • It can reduce the surface motion and movement made by a bed partner who tosses and turns in their sleep.
  • This can add extra comfort to a mattress that has become unsupportive and hard because of old age.


  • Mattress topper made from this material retain heat and can get hot.
  • There is a distinct odor when the mattress topper is new.
  • This can be a rather expensive choice for a mattress topper.
  • It can be difficult to shift and move over in a bed that has this on top of it.


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Feather toppers, also known as featherbeds, are quite similar to a duvet that has been stuffed to the brim with feathers.

While these are luxuriously soft, they offer little in the way of support. Feather allergies are also a likely problem with these mattress toppers, and should be considered before purchased.


  • These are very, very, very soft. There is a reason this is a stereotype in popular culture. Imagine what soft feels like, and prepare to be proven wrong because these are that much softer.
  • Mattress toppers made from this material are cheaper than either latex or memory foam.
  • The feather toppers do not retain heat.
  • These do not hinder movement or turning over in bed.


  • These mattress toppers can be noisy and crinkly when in use.
  • It is possible for a feather shaft to poke through the fabric and become an uncomfortable surprise.
  • As feathers tend to become compressed over time, these require periodic shaking to be effective.
  • These should be avoided by those allergic to feathers.

Our Review of the Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper

The Sleep Innovations mattress topper is Amazon’s pick in mattress toppers. Generally, this speaks pretty highly of a product. The customer review ratings match that distinction, with well over 2,300 reviewers giving the topper 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper, Made in The USA with a 10-Year Warranty - Queen Size
  • QUEEN MATTRESS TOPPER: Drift into a sounder, deeper sleep on this 4-inch queen pillow top mattress cover ideal for side, back or stomach sleepers.
  • DUAL LAYER: A machine-washable cover holds both layers perfectly in place for unbeatable comfort that feels like you're sleeping on a cloud; Snug-fit cover is removable
  • GEL MEMORY FOAM: Every body is unique and deserves personalized comfort-Cooling gel memory foam draws heat away from the body to create the optimal sleep temperature.
  • COMFORT & SUPPORT: The Queen mattress topper combines 2 inches of quilted fiber fill with 2 inches of memory foam for unbeatable comfort combined with gentle, pressure-relieving support.
  • MADE IN THE USA: This Sleep Innovations mattress topper is proudly made in the USA, vacuum packed for easy shipping and handling and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Professional reviewers and real-life reviews rank the Sleep Innovations mattress topper as one of the best mattress toppers around. So, we thought we’d look into it and see why these ratings have been given, and what makes the Sleep Innovations mattress topper worth buying.

General Overview for the Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper

The Sleep Innovations mattress topper is a four-inch thick mattress topper that’s designed for use by side, back, and even stomach sleepers for ultimate sleep comfort.

This dual-layer mattress topper has gel memory foam that helps draw heat away from the body and make for a more restful night, especially for hot sleepers.


  • These are very, very, very soft. There is a reason this is a stereotype in popular culture. Imagine what soft feels like, and prepare to be proven wrong because these are that much softer.
  • Mattress toppers made from this material are cheaper than either latex or memory foam.
  • The feather toppers do not retain heat.
  • These do not hinder movement or turning over in bed.


  • We saw several complaints – about 1/5 on Amazon – saying this mattress topper becomes stiffer as time passes, and tends to hold onto the form and create a dip in the foam where people sleep.
  • We also saw some complaints that the mattress topper starts to fall apart after about six months.
  • Both of these complaints could very well be from a faulty manufacturing batch, or generally just “lemons.” It’s a fairly large number of complaints about these two issues, however, so that seems a bit unlikely. Many state their buyer’s remorse in these complaints.

We suspect there was a particular change to the design that resulted in these issues.

However, the complaints are dated, so those faults are likely to have been resolved by this time.

Where to Buy the Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper

You should be able to purchase the Sleep Innovations mattress topper from a good number of retailers, including Amazon, WalMart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Jet.com, Wayfair, MyWedding.com, and Overstock.com. There are a number of other retailers that sell this product in physical stores as well.

Price Range for the Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper

We saw that prices for the Sleep Innovations mattress topper range rather broadly. The low-end cost for the mattress toppers starts at about $36 and goes all the way up to $150. The prices vary depending on size, as well as the retailer themselves. Some sites cater to a more specific audience and therefore tend to have higher prices.

Before purchasing, always be sure to check out any sales that may be coming up. Also, you can look for coupons online or for the store in general, and don’t be afraid to seek price matching if you’re in a physical store.

Warranty Information for the Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper

The Sleep Innovations mattress topper comes with a 10-year limited warranty. If you choose to purchase this mattress topper, be sure to check the details of the warranty to know exactly what it covers.

Our Verdict: The Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper is a Mixture of Comfort and Possible Buyer’s Remorse

We’re a bit disappointed in this memory foam mattress topper from Sleep Innovations, especially with all the hype from the reviewers. We honestly expected 4 or 5-star ratings across the board, but found a good number of complaints on two common issues: holding the form of sleepers too long, and falling apart after a short period of time.

The 10-year warranty should take care of these issues, however, if you’re willing to risk the potential hassle of having your mattress topper replaced.

The comfort levels, at least to begin with, seem to be fantastic with the Sleep Innovations mattress topper. For that, we give it a 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on the rave reviews of so many customers.

However, we only recommend this mattress topper for people willing to face the potential risk that the “bad batch” may not be over. Replacement may be necessary in the first year, but at least there is a 10-year warranty.


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