SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Comprehensive Review

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

Ugh, air mattresses…

Every single time someone tells me that I have to sleep on an air mattress I internally roll my eyes, asking God what I did to deserve this kind of punishment. Air mattresses have always equivocated out to a crappy night’s sleep in my mind.

But, those negative connotations and thoughts are about to be abolished, as the air mattress game has changed forever.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is revolutionizing the blow-up mattress world, one bed at a time. Whether you’re expecting company or are getting ready for a camping trip, it’s essential that each household has a quality air mattress. The company even states that they wish to provide their customers with the comfort of a traditional mattress, with the movable convenience of an air mattress.

That’s why SoundAsleep created the Dream Series Air Mattress with the average Joe’s sleeping preferences at the forefront of their minds, because everyone should get a great nights sleep no matter the circumstances. While most air mattresses are awkwardly on the ground, this 19-inch pad is lifted and extremely easy to climb into. SoundAsleep’s eco-friendly design is quite awesome, with many of the mattresses features built with the customers wants and needs in mind.

Have I got your attention yet?

If you want to learn more about the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress then continue reading, as we’re about to go into all the detailed semantics.

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What Exactly is the SoundAsleep Dream Series?

If you’re anything like me, you like to know who exactly you’re buying your products from. I mean come on now, you always want to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable and credible company. So before I talk to you about the mattress, I feel it’s important to touch on the company SoundAsleep.

With corporate headquarters located in New Jersey, this company has made it their personal mission to provide the best possible night’s rest through all of their products, which are coincidentally all air mattress related.

But hey, at least you know SoundAsleep is an expert in their craft and what they do!

Each of SoundAsleeps air mattresses are designed to offer firm support throughout the entire night so that you don’t wake up trapped and coffined into a deflated air mattress in the morning.

The air bed experts even designed and crafted an innovative way to solve mattress slippage by adding a Sure Grip bottom to each of their air mattresses underside. The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is also puncture resistant and durable, so no matter what your families hectic day to day needs may be, this air mattress will be here for you.

From kids to pets, this blow-up bed can withstand it all. The synthetic material used in creation enables the mattress quality of life to be extended dramatically, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck. And each SoundAsleep air mattress design is made in the United States, if that matters to you whatsoever.

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The company even provides customers a detailed Frequently Asked Questions page where any and all air mattress related questions have been kindly answered. However, if you’re question still isn’t listed on the page the company encourages you to reach out to them via phone or email so that they can make sure your SoundAsleep air mattress experience is superb.

Convinced of the company’s dedication to the customers satisfaction yet? Good, so are we!

Now let’s continue.

How Does the Air Mattress Work?

While some people may be laughing at me for even including this section, I say whatever! It’s important to fully read instructions and learn how to work a product BEFORE deciding whether or not you want to purchase it. Take this from a girl who bought an off brand professional grade camera and now can’t figure out what half of the buttons and settings mean. It is oh so critical to figure out the products function-ability capabilities before bringing it into your household.

So, with that being said, let’s dive into it!

One of the biggest headaches regarding the usage of an air mattress is struggling to get it blown up. Pumps are consistently a pain, always breaking and getting misplaced. But no need for stress anymore, as this company has thought of it all when designing for their client base.

A neat unanticipated bonus to the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is that it features a built-in pump. This mattress has the bump cleverly engineered into the design, meaning that pumps are a thing of the past and you’ll never again have to worry about finding a reliable air source for all your air mattress needs again.

Blowing up the bed is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

SoundAsleep has a patented 1-step easy set-up and deflate process. Inflating to its functional form in 4 minutes flat (or less if you’re a softer bed lover like myself). And you can forget about that ear-splitting loud sound, because SoundAsleep has been able to drastically reduce the inflation noise by over 20%.

 However, those sly devils at SoundAsleep have already anticipated your needs as well and also offer different versions of the product to better suit every need. More on this down below.

The only downsides to having a built in air pump is that the bed is slightly heavier than most air mattresses and there must be easy access to an outlet in order to get that sucker blown up. Because of the need for an electrical outlet, this may deter more outdoorsy people who like to take their mattress on the go.

Public Perception of SoundAsleep Dream Series

My advice is to always do your research before purchasing a new product, especially if it is going to cost you over a hundred dollars! In the bullets below you’ll find some verified customer reviews over the product, listing both their praises and prejudices towards the product.

  • Length: I’ve read multiple customer reviews warning future purchasers of their sheet fitting “problems”. Because the air mattress is a whopping 19-inches thick, something to keep in mind is that a regular sized sheet won’t fit the entirety of the mattress. One would need to order a deep-fitted, non-standard sheet to fit the entire air mattress, OR you can just be lazy like me and slide that regular sheet over the first 6’ hump. Yay for saving money, as both options work perfectly!
  • Fabric: The fabric used in the creation of SoundAsleep’s Dream Series Air Mattress is eco-friendly, durable and soft. The 15-gauge material and multi-layered flocked top creates a cloud like comfort. Many reviewers have even stated that they didn’t even feel the need to use a sheet because of this comfortability, which solves the above issue of finding the right fitting sheets!
  • However, customers have also mentioned that sagging of the air mattress may occur during the first initial uses of the product. The reason for this being that the eco-friendly PVC material used is known to naturally stretch. The stretching (if it does happen) will in no way be a consistent problem, as each SoundAsleep product has been thoroughly tested and inflated twice before passing inspection.
  • Price: For how awesome of a blow-up mattress this is, I expected the price to be a lot higher. The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is Amazon’s #1 rated air mattress, with each product costing right around that singular three-digit Benjamin.
  • Which is pretty freakin’ awesome if I do say so myself, because crappy convenience store air mattresses are just about the same price and aren’t delivered to your door.
  • Durability: This bed is perfect if you’re sleeping alone or if you want to grab your loved one, as the bed can hold a combined weight total of 500lbs. With a high level of durability, rough housing children can’t even destroy SoundAsleeps thick top layer.
  • Cons: The only downside to having a built-in air pump, such as the one featured in SoundAsleeps Dream Series Air Mattress is that the bed needs to have easy accessibility to a power outlet in order to inflate.
  • For you more outdoorsy folk, this feature may deter you. However, SoundAsleep has cleverly anticipated your needs by creating SoundAsleeps Camping version. I would highly consider this option personally because I love camping but I HATE sleeping like crap (not to mention having a million rocks pressing into my back all night) when I do decide to adventure into the great outdoors. With this thick mattress both of those stresses can be alleviated, whew.
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Final Verdict of the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

There are many things to consider when choosing the right air mattress for your household. However, whether this puppy is just going in the guest bedroom or coming along for more wild excursions, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress seems like a smart choice.

Never again will your bed slip and slide across the floor, annoyingly running away from you. No longer will you wake up in a claustrophobic state because your mattress has decided to deflate in the middle of the night and trap. And no more keeping up with seemingly impossible to keep track of air pumps.

The mattress even comes with a cute, handy and durable nylon storage bag, making it all the more hassle free to transport and travel.

Need I say more?!

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress definitely has my vote of approval, as I’ve even decided to take this bad boy with me next time I hit up a music festival for my camping needs. But hey, don’t take it from me, try this fun new product out for yourself and let me know after how your opinions of air mattresses have changed after.

From one sleep lover to another, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to learn more about how to have the best sleep of your life, check us out!


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