Talalay Latex Mattress Review: Buyer’s Guide

talalay mattress review

When you’re shopping for your next mattress, there are probably a lot of things floating around inside your head. What materials should you consider? What size is the perfect option for your situation? What companies have the best return policies? Does any company offer sleep trials?

We’re taking a look at a few of those topics that may help you best choose your next mattress. We’ll specifically consider the different types of latex mattresses, with a particular focus on the best five Talalay mattresses on the market.

Dunlo​​​​p Latex

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What Does Dunlop Latex Feel Like?

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Talalay Latex

How is Talalay Made?

What Does Talalay Latex Feel Like?

Is Talalay Environment-Friendly?

What are the Advantages of Talalay?

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Natural Versus Synthetic Versus Blended Latex

Finding a latex mattress that is truly 100 percent natural latex means you’ll have a little digging to do, since this statement isn’t as straightforward as it should be. Look for USDA-certified organic to find mattresses made of absolutely natural materials for biodegradable construction.

If a mattress is labeled “natural,” it’s probably mostly made up of natural materials, but there may be at least five percent synthetic materials in the mix. Synthetic latex is similar to natural latex in its physical properties, but manmade latex is made from various petrochemicals, or petroleum-based chemicals. Most mattresses currently are made from a blend of both natural and synthetic materials. This blending honestly gives the superior support, breathability, and comfort of natural latex without as much effort, and at a much more affordable price than most. Objectively, unless your main concern is biodegradability, neither natural nor synthetic is inherently better or worse than the other.

The Five Best Talalay Mattresses

For the ultimate night’s sleep, you’ve got to check out multiple mattresses. To make that a little easier, we’ve pulled together a list of the best Talalay latex mattresses on the market in 2018. Each mattress is made of Talalay latex, but has its own unique features and design.

Classic Brands Natural Sleep Kiera Talalay Latex Memory Foam 11-Inch Mattress, Queen
  • Uniquely conforms to every contour of the body and provides perfect support and outstanding pressure relief
  • Luxurious knit cover with suede side panels are soft and silky and work together with the layers to bring the pampering that you crave and the relaxation that you deserve
  • Top layer is made of 3 inches of 100 percent natural Talalay latex for a truly individual fit; 8 inches of supportive high density foam base provides unparalleled strength, so no more tossing and turning while you sleep
  • Natural Talalay Latex is very soft and elastic, designed for 'breathability' with an open cell structure; special 'pin core' construction allows for ventilation of body heat and wicks away moisture
  • Medium-Plush Feel and Adjustable Base Friendly

You can purchase the Classic Brands Natural Sleep Kiera Memory Foam Mattress in virtually any size from twin to California King. This mattress from Classic Brands conforms to your contours, providing precise support and pressure relief. The knit cover with suede side panels is soft, silky, and works well with the combination of the three-inch layer of 100 percent natural Talalay latex and the eight-inch high-density foam, creating the best mattress you’ve slept on.

The natural latex is soft, elastic, and breathable, with an open cell-structure. This mattress has a pin core structure that also ventilates body heat and wicks away moisture. The mattress ships compressed and rolled into a box for more convenient delivery and storage until you’re ready to set up your bed. The Classic Brands company is known for customer service that’s available seven days a week. This mattress is one of the top rated mattresses online.

TUFT & NEEDLE King Mattress | Bed in a Box | Utilizing Proprietary T&N Adaptive Foam | Sleeps Cooler with More Pressure Relief & Support Than Memory Foam | Non-Toxic Certified | 100-Night Sleep Trial | 10-Year Warranty
  • PROVEN: We're not shy to say, people love us; This mattress has one of the highest percentages of five star reviews across mattresses on Amazon; We like to keep things honest and transparent, that goes for our business model, our products, and our reviews
  • PROPRIETARY ADAPTIVE FOAM: Constructed with freshly poured T and N Adaptive foam, this mattress provides a bouncy yet supportive feel perfect for all sleeping positions and also allows us to box the mattress for quick shipping without compromising quality
  • NOT HOT, NOT COLD, JUST RIGHT: Our high grade foam is more advanced than outdated materials such as latex and memory foam; The T and N Adaptive foam sleeps cool, sleeps comfortable and offers pressure relief, plus you won't disturb your sleeping partner
  • NO RISK: Our mattress has a full refund guarantee with a 100 Night Sleep Trial plus an honest 10 year limited warranty you can actually use (no gimmicks)
  • CERTIFIED: We go the extra mile to get our mattresses Greenguard Gold, and Certi PUR certified; This means our beds are held to the highest of standards and are third party certified to be free of harmful chemicals, substances or materials

The Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam mattress can be purchased in any standard size, plus twin XL. This mattress is constructed with freshly poured Tuft & Needle adaptive foam, which provides a bouncy but supportive feel perfect for any kind of sleeping position.

The foam in this mattress is high-grade and advanced, helping you get a cooler sleeping experience with its balance of the right firmness and softness for ultimate comfort. The Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress offers pressure relief, and has “localized bounce” technology to avoid disturbing anyone else in the bed when you shift in your sleep. This Tuft & Needle mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial to guarantee that you’ll want to keep it for the long haul. 95 percent of folks who order this mattress choose to keep it after the 100 nights.

Elements Latex by Dreamfoam Bedding- Magnolia 10" Total Latex Mattress, King-Soft
  • Custom crafted using all-natural materials: a 1" quilted cover made with Joma Wool, for an ultra-plush and breathable sleep surface; a unique Eurotop zipper enclosure that allows you to adjust the firmness level of the 3" Talalaly Latex layer; and a firmer (32 ILD) 6" Talalay Latex base that provides deeps compression support.
  • Available in three firmness levels: soft (19 ILD), medium (28 ILD) or firm (36 ILD)
  • Compressed and rolled for easy and convenient parcel shipping and set up
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for mattress to expand and potential odor dissipate
  • 10-year warranty, proudly made in the USA, Oeko-Tex certified.

The Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Mattress is ten inches thick and comes in any standard size. The mattress is made of organic wool to reduce chemical usage in production to make it safer and healthier for you and your family. The Talalay latex used in this mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant.

One of the things we love about this particular mattress is that you can custom-tailor the firmness level you need. After you purchase, you have the opportunity to determine your precise firmness level. The Ultimate Dreams mattress is also made in the USA. This mattress from Ultimate Dreams Bedding is one of the highest rated mattresses on Amazon.

Sunrising Bedding 8" Natural Latex Queen Mattress, Individually Encased Pocket Coil, Firm, Supportive, Naturally Cooling, Non-Toxic Organic Mattress, 120-Night Risk-Free Trial, 20-Year Warranty
  • The 100% natural latex top layer adopts Talalay Latex technology, a healthier manufacturing process without gellation reagents in its formula, combines with our strict purity standards to ensure that you rest peacefully on your new mattress from the very first night. There are no off-putting smells or irritants, and no need to wait days for your mattress to "air out" .
  • Classic Independently Pocket Spring Mattress adopts 2.0 mm gauge encased coil spring in the middle of mattress for better blood circulation by relieving numb muscle and pain in joints to have an orthopedic effect on the back, waist and shoulders. Altogether 852 Premium pocket coils work independently to alleviate motion disturbance which means you won't be woken up when your companion moves in the bed.
  • Hybrid firm mattress draw from natural organic latex and innerspring mattress components to offer a balanced sleep experience for many individuals. This provides not only comfortable cushioning and close conforming for targeted pressure relief, but also offers strong edge support and a flat, even sleep surface that helps reduce aches and pains.
  • Latex hybrid spring mattress adopts Cashmere Wool as the mattress cover, certificated by OeKo-Tex Standard-100, with CFR1633 flame retardant cotton that is in line with the United States 1633 fire retardant standards of fire cotton to protect against fire, no glass fiber or chemical fire retardant.
  • Risk-Free, all Sunrising Bedding mattresses have a 120-night in-home trial backed up by a no-hassle, full refund policy. 

The Sunrising Bedding natural latex mattress is made from 100 percent natural latex, extracted from Thailand’s rubber trees. That means the mattress contains no toxins, heavy metals, formaldehyde, allergens, or bad odors. The Sunrising Bedding mattress is great at preventing dust mites, molding, and handles temperature regulation well.

The Talalay technology used in this mattress offers fantastic pressure relief. It is free of those nasty flame-retardant chemicals found in artificial mattresses, yet it still meets fire code standards for safety. The Sunrising Bedding latex mattress has a layer of independently encased springs, made of tempered steel coils, for support. This provides the best support and prevents sagging and sinking. The individual casing of the springs also creates localized bounce that prevents you from disturbing your bed partner when shifting or getting into bed. The mattress comes compressed and rolled into a box for direct delivery to your home, and has a 120-night sleep trial. If you decide to keep the mattress, and likely you will, there’s a 20-year warranty. The Sunrising Bedding natural latex mattress comes in all standard sizes.

PangeaBed - (FULL SIZE) Sleep Cooler & Cleaner - Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain - Copper Infused Mattress - Made With Talalay Latex - Hypoallergenic, Dust & Mite Resistant, 100 Night FREE Trial
  • HIGH QUALITY : We engineered our mattress using high-quality and innovative materials like Talalay latex and copper to deliver you the best night's sleep.
  • COOLER SLEEP : Talalay latex's open-cell structure combined with copper's ability to wick heat away from your body to allow you to stay cool and comfortable while you sleep.
  • CLEANER SLEEP : Talalay latex is naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, and antifungal. Copper is inherently antibacterial and antimicrobial. Together these materials work together to deliver a cleaner sleep than any other mattress.
  • MEDIUM-FIRM FEEL: The PangeaBed is a true medium-firm mattress with a dense but uplifting feel. The mattress delivers superior support to all sleepers and body types and works to reduce pressure points while
  • 100 NIGHT FREE TRIAL : The copper mattress is custom built in the USA and shipped right to your front door. You can sleep on the PangeaBed risk-free for 100-nights. If you're not getting the sleep you've been dreaming of you can get a full refund. The mattress is also covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

The PangeaBed Copper Mattress is made of copper-infused 100 percent pure Talalay latex, which does an amazing job of keeping you cool and offers an antibacterial and hypoallergenic layer on which to sleep.

The mattress has a soft foam quilted cover made of premium plush, durable, and breathable material for ultimate comfort. The mattress is designed to reduce heat retention, pressure points, and to limit tossing and turning through the PangeaBed Cloud Foam. It offers contouring support through the varying layers and materials, resulting in an amazing night’s sleep.

Finding the Right Mattress

empty mattress

Ultimately, you’ll find the best mattress for your sleep by examining a number of options and weighing the pros and cons of each type. The price will be a factor, as well as the biodegradability and the breathability that can also affect which mattress will be most suitable to your needs.

Be sure to shop around a bit, examine mattresses side by side, and ask questions. We’d highly recommend shopping in person to get an actual physical feel for any mattress you may be considering. Lie down on it in the store, even take a nap if you can manage it, and just see how the different mattresses you’re eyeing really feel.


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