Wayfair Mattress Review: Get That Good Night Sleep

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There’s nothing more I want to do after a long day than jump into bed for a good night’s sleep We all love our sleep and sleep is incredibly important for us to stay happy and healthy, which is why buying a mattress can be such a vital decision for us.

You have to consider the level of plush comfort you like compared to the firmness necessary to keep your back supported and aligned. You have to be wary of your budget and the size of your room. Do you prefer memory foam? Gel foam? Traditional innerspring?

Wayfair offers great prices on all kinds of furniture and home décor spanning many different brands, but right now we’re going to look at some of their Wayfair Sleep mattresses.

Check Out Some Wayfair Sleep Brand Options

Wayfair Sleep offers several options in four main mattress types: innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, and gel memory foam – the one you’ll pick depends on price and your personal mattress comfort preferences. Wayfair only shows the currently in-stock options in the active search, so the following specifics detail the mattresses options that showed at the time, as well as a few additional out-of-stock options. Here are the overviews of the mattress types:

Wayfair Innerspring Mattresses

Wayfair Innerspring Mattresses

Wayfair Sleep currently offers 11 different innerspring mattresses in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and comfort levels. An innerspring mattress is the traditional bed you picture when you think of a mattress, with the coils inside – they can either be a continuous coil throughout the mattress, or pocket coils that are arranged around the mattress for better body conformity. Innersprings are the most common type of bed and are typically more affordable, but they also wear out faster and make audible squeaking noises because of the metal springs inside.

Wayfair Sleep offers mattresses in medium, plush, and firm comfort levels, sizes from twin to California king, continuous or pocket coils, and thicknesses from 6’’ to 14’’ appropriate to the mattress size. Some mattresses will have a standard tight top, a pillow top for extra comfort, or a Euro top for the cushion of a pillow top with a sleeker look on the mattress. The cheapest, a 6’’ tight-top continuous coil twin, will run you $95.40, and the most expensive, a Euro top 14’’ pocket coil California king is $515.19. The other options fall in between.

You can pair the Wayfair Sleep innerspring mattresses with a flat platform, floor, box spring, solid, or slatted foundation for extra mattress support. You can also use your own foundation if none of Wayfair’s options appeal to you. The cover material is foam.

Wayfair Memory Foam Mattresses

Wayfair Memory Foam Mattresses

Ah, memory foam – the sweet curve-hugging, body-conforming material of sleeping bliss. Not only does memory foam feel great as it cradles your body, but it also helps with pressure point relief, proper spinal alignment, and it keeps your bedpartners from being disturbed by your movements in the night. Wayfair Sleep currently has 4 memory foam mattresses to choose from.

Wayfair Sleep has tight top memory foam mattresses in medium and firm comfort levels, and various thicknesses. Prices range from the 12’’ king at $315.00 to the 6’’ twin at $124.99. These mattresses fit well with an adjustable base, slatted foundation, box spring, solid foundation, flat platform, floor, or your own foundation for additional bed support.

The cover is polyester and the memory foam used is CertiPUR Certified, meaning it’s passed acceptable standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability. It means the foam was made without ozone depleters, undesirable types of flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metal, formaldehyde, regulated phthalates, and has low volatile organic compound emissions. In essence: the memory foam used meets a certain level of safety and environmental consciousness.

Wayfair Hybrid Mattresses

Wayfair Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress takes a little from the innerspring mattress and a little from the memory foam mattress – it’s usually an innerspring on the bottom half while the top half of the mattress is made of some sort of memory foam cushion to soften the feel of the springs. Wayfair Sleep currently has 6 hybrid mattresses.

Wayfair Sleep’s hybrid options include comfort levels of medium and firm in thicknesses of 9’’, 10.5’’, 12’’, and 14’’from the lowest $186.04 (pillow top twin 6’’) to highest $497.31 (pillow top California king 14’’). The mattresses come in a traditional tight top, pillow top, and Euro top options.

Usable with any standard bed frame, the Wayfair Sleep hybrid mattress is a combination between poly foam and wrapped pocket coil technology. These hybrid mattresses aren’t flippable –you’re only meant to sleep on one side of them.

Wayfair Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wayfair Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A gel memory foam mattress is made of just about what it sounds like – it’s a mixture of gel into different parts of the mattresses’ memory foam depending on the mattress for extra support and cushion. It’ll give a different feel and different heat dispersal features than a memory foam mattress, or any mattress really.

Wayfair Sleep currently offers one gel memory foam mattress in five sizes (twin, full, queen, short queen, and king). Right now, only the king is in stock for $238.12 at the 8’’ mattress thickness. It comes in four different thicknesses – 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, and 12’’.

It has three layers – a high-density base support foam on the bottom, comfort foam in the middle, and gel-infused memory foam to top it off. The mattress has a medium comfort level and has a tight top. If all the sizes were available right now, the prices would fall between the largest option (12’’ king) at $320.80 and the smallest option (6’’ twin) at $86.50.

Brand Comparisons

Wayfair.com offers mattresses from many different brands, not just their own Sleep brand. After a general search among the Wayfair options with customer reviews that ranked 4 stars or higher, there were a few brand standouts. Here’s how Wayfair Sleep compares to other brand options from Alwyn Home, Lucid, and Sealy.

Alwyn Home

Many of the recommended available mattresses on Wayfair’s website (that aren’t from Wayfair Sleep) seem to come from the Alwyn Home brand. Alwyn Home has just about the same number of mattress options and variable choices as Wayfair Sleep, but has more of those options in-stock at once than Wayfair Sleep seems to.

No matter how you like your mattress Alwyn Home’s got you covered with comfort levels firm, medium firm, medium, medium plush, and plush. Their mattresses are available in sizes twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, king, and California king with thicknesses from 6’’ to 14’’ depending on the bed size and material type.

Alwyn home has memory foam, gel memory foam, and innerspring mattresses available with tight tops, pillow tops, or Euro tops. Most of their mattress covers are either polyester or quilted foam. The foam they use is all CertiPUR certified. You can find their innersprings with continuous coils or pocket coils, so you really have maximum options when deciding on your Alwyn Home mattress.

It seems that their cheapest option is a 6’’ firm innerspring twin for $88.99, and one of their most expensive mattresses is a 10’’ medium firm gel memory foam California king for $311.13. Their other options fall somewhere in between that incredibly reasonable mattress price range.


girl laying on the bed

An affordable, top-ranking contender on the lists of Wayfair’s memory foam mattress options, Lucid offers a great selection of comfortable memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses (CertiPUR certified, of course). They have firm, medium firm, medium, medium plush, and plush mattress options to support every kind of sleeper. They have mattress thicknesses from 8’’ to 16’’, and sizes from twin to California king with tight top or Euro top mattress styles.

Lucid mattresses are incredibly well-ventilated with their layers of memory foam and latex and covers made of Tencel fabric or polyester. They’re excellent for sleepers looking for a softer overall experience similar to floating on clouds among cherubs while dreaming sweet dreams.

On the cheaper end is a 10’’ medium plush gel memory foam mattress for $168.10, and the most expensive mattress I saw Lucid offer was a 16’’ plush gel memory foam king for $1,100.99 – but it was definitely an outlier. Most of their other kings hovered around the $350 to $500 price area, and most fulls and queens fell between $250 and $400. The majority of their mattress options are quite reasonable, but some of their thicker, larger, luxury types raised prices sky high.


Sealy mattresses are high quality but far less affordable than Wayfair Sleep, Alwyn Home, and Lucid mattresses. They offer firm, plush, and medium comfort levels on twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king sized mattresses. They have continuous coil innersprings, pocket coil innersprings, hybrid, memory foam, and gel memory foam options at many thicknesses from 8.5’’ to 14.5’’.

The cheapest option they offer is a twin 8.5’’ firm tight top continuous coil mattress for $230.99 and the most expensive is a 12.5’’ Posturpedic firm memory foam California king for $1689.96. Most of their twins, fulls, and queens land somewhere between $300 and $700, however. Though some thicknesses, styles, and types will cost over $1000 for every mattress size. Some of their mattresses come with free box springs.

Sealy comes with either tight top, pillow top, or Euro top styles depending on how much extra cushioning you like. To get the under-mattress support you want, you can match Sealy mattresses up with flat platform, floor, adjustable base, box spring, slatted foundations, solid foundations, or your own foundation. Sealy is known for having a great balance between comfort and support in their mattresses. Their cover materials are typically knit polyesters or foam. All of Sealy’s foams are CertiPUR certified.

Final Thoughts

Wayfair mattresses are affordable, well-liked, and quality-made. Reviews are typically complimentary and ultimately satisfied with their mattress purchases. I definitely feel comfortable recommending their brand for sleepers on the hunt for a new bed to love.

Some people may be skeptical about shopping for a mattress online since a big part of traditional mattress shopping is flinging yourself onto the beds and taking the time to test them out for yourself. Good thing the Wayfair Sleep mattresses and other mattresses they offer have a 100-night free trial for you to test drive your new sleep companion. You can return it if you’re not in love for a 100% refund.


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