Wayfair Sleeper Sofa Review: Wayfair Brand Options To Checkout

wayfair sleeper sofa

Do you live in a small apartment with no extra room for a guest bed in the event that you need one?

Do you live in a house and frequently have lots of family staying over at once?

Do you often find yourself falling asleep to movies on the couch in the living room with your significant other?

Are you a minimalist in a studio apartment trying to save space?

Consider the benefits of purchasing a sleeper sofa. You’ll have a normal couch during the day, and an extra bed for guests or yourself at night. You can cozy up in front of the living room TV on your sofa in bed-form for a movie night or for lazy do-nothing Sundays.

Wayfair offers great prices on all kinds of furniture and home décor across many different brands, but right now let’s dive into the world of Wayfair sleeper sofas.

Check Out the Wayfair Custom Upholstery Brand Options

There are 9 sleeper sofas offered through Wayfair’s Custom Upholstery brand, and they come in a wide variety of colors. The upholstery color options are really the biggest selling point for these sofa beds – they’re incredibly pricey for sleeper sofas, especially considering sleeper sofas are commonly thought of as low-cost bedding options for small-space living or guest stay capability. The high prices really do the brand no favors. Sure, they look high quality and they’re also attractive in a minimalist style, but people typically prefer minimalist styles to be paired with minimalist prices, and that isn’t the case here. Many of the sofas offer similar options and primarily differ in style and detail, with a few exceptions. They also come with two pillows.

Sarah Sleeper Sofa


The Sarah Sleeper comes in 148 different colors and fabric choices ranging from $999 to $1274 depending on the color upholstery and material you select. The available materials are linen, cotton, polyester, Sunbrella, Polypropylene/Olefin, cotton-blend, or poly-blend. It’s filled with foam and has a firm level of comfort. No assembly is required, and it pulls out into a queen-sized bed.

Felicity Sleeper Sofa

The Felicity also comes with 148 different upholstery and fabric (linen, cotton, polyester, Sunbrella, blends) choices but has a more cottage-like feel than the Sarah sofa and only folds out to a full-sized bed. It’s super soft and stuffed with gray duck feathers and down. No assembly is required, and it’ll cost you between $1299 and $1649.

Jennifer Leather Sleeper Sofa


The Jennifer Leather Sleeper Sofa is Wayfair Custom Upholstery’s genuine leather option, with 11 colors to choose from (steamboat putty, steamboat charcoal, durango acorn, durango espresso, steamboat driftwood, durango strawberry, vintage flagstone, vintage ash, steamboat chestnut, vintage flint, and bronx sod). It’ll cost you $1499, folds out into a queen-sized bed, and requires no assembly.

Casey Sleeper Sofa

The Casey Sleeper is similar to the Casey but has a different type of minimalist style. It’s queen-sized, doesn’t need to be assembled, and has the same 148 color choices with the same available fabrics. It’s stuffed with synthetic fiber and down. You’ll be looking at a cost of $1284 to $1524.

Avery Sleeper Sofa

Another queen-sized and no-assembly-needed sleeper sofa, the Avery has a contemporary style with 148 color/fabric pairs to choose from. It’s stuffed with foam and has a firm level of comfort. Expect to pay between $1049 and $1394.

Rachel Sleeper


Rachel’s another queen-sized genuine leather dream. Any of its 11 colors will cost you $1499 no matter which upholstery speaks to you. No assembly required on Wayfair Custom Upholstery sleeper sofa choices.

Carly Sleeper Sofa


Carly’s a modern-style queen-sized pull-out with 148 color and fabric choices to suit your upholstery preference. It’s filled with down, you’ll pay between $1349 and $1679 for it, and you won’t have to put it together.

Eliza Sleeper Sofa

Say hello to Eliza. With a graceful style and 148 upholstery choices, this sofa will cost you anywhere from $1199 to $1522. It’ll turn into a queen-sized bed and there’s no assembly required. It’s filled with down and is super soft and comfortable.

Carleton Leather Sleeper


The Carleton Leather Sleeper Sofa doesn’t need assembly, pulls out into a queen, is filled with foam, and has 6 gorgeous genuine leather color options to choose from. Have $1449 ready for it.

Sleeper Sofa Comparisons

Wayfair.com offers furniture and sleeper sofas from several different brands, not just their own Custom Upholstery brand. They have just over 1,000 sleeper sofas to choose from – I narrowed down my comparison search to sofa beds with customer ratings 4 stars and up that were under or just over $500, then focused in on aesthetics and material.

Here’s how Wayfair Custom Upholstery compares to some of the other sleeper sofa options Wayfair offers.

Cargo Sleep Convertible Sofa


The Cargo Sleep Sofa is the cheapest well-rated sofa bed on Wayfair.com. It has a pleasant minimalist aesthetic and does the job for far less than any sleeper sofas under Wayfair Custom Upholstery’s brand. For $154.99 you can get it in light gray, sky blue, midnight gray, or flint blue with either a microfiber/micro suede or linen blend upholstery material. It has a medium-firm level of seating comfort. The dimensions are 45’’ x 64’’, which is most similar to a twin-sized bed. You’ll have to attach the legs when you get it.

Simmons Manhattan Convertible Sofa


The Simmons Manhattan​​​​ looks luxe and plush, is easily-assembled, and folds out into a full-sized bed. It’s $254.99 and comes in four polyester blend upholstery colors – brown, charcoal, gray, and tan. It can be a sofa, a lounger, or a bed, is filled with foam, and has a medium-firm level of seating comfort.

Regal Convertible Sofa


The Regal Convertible has a shoulder-patched old-timey 1950s sports coat aesthetic, especially in the pebble gray color. Its polyester blend or linen blend upholstery also comes in black, assembly is needed, and it’ll cost you $300.99. It’ll open up into a full-sized bed for overnights and naps, or you can enjoy sitting or lounging on the couch with a friend. It has a split back so during movie night one of you can choose to lay back and relax while the other sits up and finishes off the popcorn.

Naomi Sleeper Sofa


The Naomi Sleeper Sofa has one of the most modern minimalist looks I’ve seen in a couch, let alone a sofa bed. Its upholstery is a nice, warm gray microfiber/micro suede that folds out into a twin-sized bed for your occasional guest. Packed with high-density foam, the Naomi sofa has a medium level of seating comfort. It’ll cost you $426.99.

Lewis Sleeper


A gorgeous dark chocolate brown genuine leather sleeper sofa, the Lewis has a sleek aesthetic and lays back into a twin-sized bed. The back rests move independently of one another to adjust for lounging or resting. Not into real leather? No problem – it comes with a faux leather option of bonded leather. You’ll enjoy a medium-soft comfort level on this foam-filled convertible for $379.99.

Spirit Lake Sleeper Loveseat


This firm foam sleeper boasts a stunning professional boxy look with clean lines for $370.99. The Spirit Lake Sleeper has an upholstery of 100% polyester in a pleasant and cool ash gray color. Assembly is required. The loveseat has three reclining positions for your comfort, and ultimately folds out into a full-sized bed.

Wildon Home Sleeper Sofa


The Wildon Home Sleeper Sofa has a plush and sophisticated look of real leather although it’s actually upholstered with faux black leatherette. Its aesthetic is that of waiting in a high-class airport lounge in a business suit with an expensive drink in one hand. It can sit upright in its couch positioning or lay back into a full-sized bed. Assembly is required. The sofa costs $436.99.

Pennock Sleeper Sofa


The Pennock Sleeper Sofa definitely has a retro vibe with its extra-padded plush faux leather upholstered cushions designed for maximum comfort. It’s the kind of couch you could imagine yourself sinking into for days. A true couch potato couch. The dark espresso colored option is $492.84 and the reddish-brown option is $422.84. The reddish-brown sofa especially exemplifies the retro vibe – the color is reminiscent of an old airplane pilot suede bomber jacket, except in a faux leather sofa form. The Pennock sofa converts into a full-sized bed for when you’re done having a classy evening drink with your guest and they need to get their beauty rest.

Ruby Sleeper Sofa


With a velvet upholstery covering its high-density foam padding in a sophisticated slate gray, the Ruby Sleeper Sofa exemplifies modern minimalist luxury. It comes with two huge lush matching pillows for under-head support and huggable comfort. For $419.99 you can have this gorgeous couch fold out into a queen-sized bed right in your living room. This is a great example of an attractive sleeper sofa that could double as your main bed in a studio apartment. It’s not just comparable to a queen-sized bed, but queen sheets will actually fit on it too.

Eugene Modular Loveseat & Ottoman Sleeper


This innovative sleeper sofa really impressed me. I hadn’t thought of a couch and ottoman combo as becoming an easily-put-together sleeper sofa before. The Eugene Modular Loveseat is an incredibly modern, versatile, minimalist, and comfortable addition to your casual-style home furniture for $629.99 to $639.99. The two ottomans slide into the sofa between the back and armrests on top of the seat cushions and the whole thing folds out into a queen-sized bed properly sized for queen-sized sheets. It’s easy to store, move around, and put together. You can put one of the ottomans up, sit on the other side, and use it like a desk or table. The upholstery is 100% cotton and comes in black, blue, brown, mocha, moss, sand, tomato, and gray. It’s filled with foam and has a firm comfort level.

Final Thoughts on Wayfair Sleeper Sofa

Skeptical about buying furniture online without the chance to sit on it yourself before committing? Good thing Wayfair has a 30-day return policy across the site. Eligible items can be returned for a full refund in store credit or to your original mode of payment if give it back within 30 days of delivery in the original condition and packaging. If you choose store credit, return shipping is free too. If you choose to get your money back via original payment method, you’ll have to cover the return shipping costs.

The Wayfair Custom Upholstery brand alone really doesn’t have many options, and all three of them are crazy expensive compared to some of the other great buys Wayfair has in its wide selection of sleeper sofas.

If you’re dead set on a Wayfair sleeper sofa, go ahead, but I’d definitely recommend some of Wayfair.com’s cheaper, more comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing pull-out couches for your home, apartment, and guest needs.


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