Woollip Travel Pillow Review

We've all been there – you're in the middle of a long flight, your eyes are feeling heavy, and you start dozing off to sleep. Your head starts bobbing and nodding and you constantly wake yourself up with each jerking motion of your head and you just can't get to the point where you reach a deep sleep.

Enter the Woollip Travel Pillow. This revolutionary pillow allows you to get the perfect power nap on the go, with its unique design and portability. Whether you're taking a road trip, a long flight, or just waiting for them to call your number at the DMV, the Woollip Travel Pillow has you covered.

How Does it Work?

The idea for the Woollip Travel Pillow was initially inspired by portable massage chairs and developed with a team of physiotherapists (experts who treat injury, illness, and disease through exercise, massage, and other treatments). These massage chairs typically have a small whole in the center where your face can reset during a chair massage, as well as having a section for your arms and hands to rest so you do not have to lay your head on either side of it.

dozing mode

It is easy to use and utilizes automatic inflation for easy storage and travel usage. It has room inside the pillow to allow you to cross your arms inside, while supporting your head and upper body. When deflated, it is roughly the size of a book and can easily fit in carry-on luggage. It only takes four or five breaths to fully inflate the pillow and the pillow is ready for use in about 15 seconds! You can also adjust the inflation to have a softer or firmer pillow, according to your preferences. You can use the pillow from the side, facing down (as you would if you were in a middle seat of a plane), by sharing it with another person, or leaning it against a window. It even has room to use your phone or tablet while using the pillow, which makes it convenient for long travel days. The Woollip Travel Pillow comes in three different colors: red, blue, and gray and costs $49.99 to purchase.

The Woollip Travel Pillow Backstory

The Woollip Travel Pillow came to fruition through a Kickstarter campaign in Europe that was started on March 17, 2016 by Diane and Franck Levy, a father-daughter duo. They got the idea to create the Woollip Travel Pillow when they travelled on a 15-hour flight from Paris, France to Shanghai, China, where Diane would be studying abroad.

She told A Plus Magazine, “During this flight, I was trying to sleep on the tray table and I saw a passenger kneeling between the seats with his head on his seat cushion,” Franck told A Plus in an email. “[This is where] the first seed of the idea of leaning forward, using the only available space on an Economy Class seat, [came from].”

economy class

Building a Prototype

From the prototype they developed, the duo modeled the pillow following the blueprint of a massage chair. They ordered a small massage chair, as well as purchasing airplane seats (Franck admitted he owns five rows!) to find the best position for the pillow and work their prototype around this design.

They set a goal to raise 55,000 Euros to fund the project and bring the product to life. By May 16, 2016, they had received 245,620 Euros from supporters who wanted the product to succeed. They also started a campaign on Indiegogo in the United States, where they raised $582,419 to go towards building their dream from the ground up, with a team of supporters behind them.

With these donations in place, they had the resources they needed to get to work on the project and were soon working with physiotherapists and yoga teachers to get the ergonomic design just right. Both Franck and Diane have travelled frequently in their lives and consider themselves to be frequent flyers, so the design meant a lot to them to help travelers find comfort.

Through the Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns, they kept their backers updated every step of the way and allowed them to be part of the creative process – even allowing them to choose which colors would be available. The great part about starting campaigns such as these is that people are supporting your idea from the start and can receive updates regarding construction, as well as being part of the grassroots of your product, which is arguably why the Woollip Travel Pillow became such a success.

willoop pillow gray

Other Types of Travel Pillows

Part of what makes the Woollip Travel Pillow unique is that you can deflate it when it is not in use.

Most travel pillows on the market are filled with beads, feathers, foam, or other materials that make it impossible to make the pillow smaller for travel purposes.

Here are some examples of two other travel pillows on the market:

Cloudz Dual Comfort Microbead Travel Neck Pillow - Blue
  • THE ORIGINAL MICROBEAD TRAVEL PILLOW by Clöudz! Why take a chance on an imitation? For over 15 years, Millions of happy travelers have used our pillows in airports around the globe!
  • FILLED WITH EXCLUSIVE, ULTRA-PREMIUM Comforlite MICROBEADS. Our super small polystyrene beads will give you the relaxing support you need and will conform to your every position. However, they will not crush easily like so many other pillows on the market who use inferior quality beads. Buy the pillow that lasts!
  • DUAL COMFORT! Super soft and cozy plush on one side and cool, relaxing spandex on the other. It's like having TWO pillows and everyone knows how important it is to have flexibility during travel.
  • SNAP CLOSURE. Allows you to secure the pillow around your neck to help prevent your head from falling forward so you can catch some Z's! EASILY ATTACHES TO LUGGAGE. Simply snap around the handle of your luggage or to your backpack. A very handy feature during your travels.
  • USE IT AS A LUMBAR SUPPORT! Our pillow doubles as a lumbar support. Super soft and super versatile. USE IT FRONTWARDS LIKE A MASSAGE TABLE PILLOW! Simply close the snap and rest your face forward into the pillow. USE ON-THE-GO OR AT HOME. Our pillow is just as comfortable on the couch or on the bed!

This travel pillow has been on the market for around 15 years and is frequently used by travelers to wrap around their neck during flights or long commutes. It is filled with polystyrene microbeads that work to conform to whatever position you are resting on it, similarly to a memory foam pillow or mattress.

The pillow also has two sides – one plush side and one spandex side, so you can choose which one is more comfortable depending on your situation. It contains a snap closure so you can latch it onto your luggage while it is not in use or you can latch it on your neck when laying on the pillow so it stays in place.

BCOZZY Travel Pillow, Patented Neck & Chin Support for Comfortable Sleep on Airplane & Car, Lightweight & Soft, Dual-Sided Climate Control Cover, Fully Machine Washable. Adult, Navy
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE - YOU CAN conform and twist it in several positions. Check out our short video below 👇- "How to use your BCOZZY pillow".
  • FLAT BACK NOT PUSHING your head forward and prevents waking up with a sore neck.
  • BUILT IN SNAP STRAP- easy to attach to your carry-on. LIGHTWEIGHT and FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE.
  • AVAILABLE in 3 SIZES - Child, Adult and XL (for neck size 16" and above). Special Offer- Buy Set of 2 for LESS.

This travel pillow has a look similar to tentacles and wraps around your neck to provide heck, neck, and chin support. It can be attached to luggage for easy portability.

The main downsides to these two common types of travel pillows are as follows:

1. Lack of Deflation

2. Constricted Feel 

The BCOZZY chin supporting pillow also had a warning to not leave small children unattended with the pillow due to concerns of strangulation. Any pillow design that causes a parent to have to worry about their child using it without their constant supervision is a scary one. This is especially important during travel, as parents are oftentimes frazzled as it is and do not want to have to think about the safety of their children while using a travel pillow. Many of the travel pillows we observed had the benefit of providing neck and head support while travelling or resting, which is the primary concern of those who purchase these types of pillows, so that is the positive part about them.

However, one ironic thing the creators of the Woollip Pillow mentioned is that many travel pillows on the market try to fight the instinct of our heads to fall forward, rather than working with it like this pillow does. By allowing your head to comfortably fall forward when it wants to while sleeping, but providing the proper amount of support and structure, you will find that you will get better rest and neck support. The physiotherapists who worked alongside the creators conducted tests to find the ideal head and neck position while in an unavoidable seated position, such as on a plane, and were able to identify the various ways you could comfortably sleep. We also love the ease of use of the Woollip Travel Pillow and that you can easily deflate it to store in your bag and inflate it to use it again.

Our Vote

In comparison to other travel pillows on the market, the Woollip Travel Pillow is pricier, at $49.99, whereas other travel pillows can be purchased in the $10 to $15 ranges. However, the pillow appears to be longer lasting and provides additional benefits other than just head and neck support. The creators worked with professionals to ensure the science behind it was sound and that it would be an appropriate size for carrying on a plane and utilizing, no matter the mode of transportation.

It will also be easier to take with you, as some airlines will only allow you to take one personal item and depending on the size of the pillow you purchase, this could count as a carry-on item. While this might seem like a splurge of an item, we believe it is worth it for the potential health benefits alone, as well as the longevity of the product. The great part about the product is well is that the creators are continuously working on changes and improvements to make the product better and they are constantly accepting feedback from their supporters. If you want to add your feedback or read the feedback from others who helped back the project and bring it to fruition, visit their Indiegogo page and take a look at their updates.

Coupons and Discounts

Because the Woollip Travel Pillow is a unique idea and design that was crowd sourced to be made, it is currently only sold at Woollip.com. The product was initially sold in 2016 and is still relatively new, so this will likely change as it continues to grow and gain more supporters over time. If you are looking for a deal on the pillow, they have a current promotion running on their website, where if you buy two or more Woollip Travel Pillows, you will get 5% off your order by entering the code “woollip25” at checkout.

woollip travel pillow discounts

It would make for a great Christmas or birthday gift for friends or relatives who travel a lot or who struggle with back or neck pain and are looking for a solution. It appears that the owners run discounts and deals from time to time, so keep an eye out when you're looking to snag yours. Since it was created in Europe, there may also be other retailers in that area who sell the product at discounted rates, so if you are from that area or will be traveling there, keep an eye out for this unique product.

Go For It

We can wholeheartedly say that we recommend checking out the Woollip Travel Pillow, whether you're a frequent flyer or only an occasional traveler. Its unique design is so modern, and we love the fact that you can deflate or inflate it quickly and store it in your carry-on bag, rather than lugging around a heavy neck pillow. We also love the backstory of its creators and that they created it from a genuine idea they had, as well as utilizing resources, such as physiotherapists and yoga teachers and purchasing airline seats for testing purposes.

You can tell that the creators were passionate about creating their product and that they had so much love for their supporters. Ultimately, when making your decision on which travel pillow to purchase, you will need to decide which features are most important to you and what budget you will be working with at the time of purchase. Whether you are a pro at traveling or a novice to the hobby, bring the Woollip Travel Pillow on your next travel adventure and let us know how you like it and how it helps improve your sleeping habits.


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